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From Russia With Love
Gear up to hear All the Things She Said as Julia Volkova of t.A.t.U fame brings her wild vitality to the Kingdom in this debut performance.

One of Detroit’s most prominent musical progenies is coming to Bahrain to give fans a taste of his eclectic musical style. Considered to be a pioneer of electronic music, Derrick May is nothing less than a living legend. Here’s your chance to enjoy his music live on December 5, at Mezzaluna in Adliya.

May’s brand of skeletal, melancholy style gained him the nickname of ‘the Miles Davis of techno’. He introduced both a psychological element and a futuristic vision to dance music. Along with his high-school mates, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, he began experimenting with electronic sounds early in life.

The new rhythm and sound was unheard of at the time and the possibilities seemed infinite. He sponsored the single Let’s Go by X-Ray, which introduced the electronic figures of techno to Detroit nightclubs. Then came the Nude Photo, recorded under his Transmat label in 1987 and credited to Rhythim Is Rhythim. This record is considered by some to be a key element that brought the techno revolution worldwide. The tracks contain a strong melody, sub-aquatic bass lines, jazzy hi-hats and liquid synthesisers that made it an instant underground classic. The success of this album was followed with Strings Of Life, which was released the same year and is considered by many as his biggest masterpiece. Transmat soon became a reference point for an infant, but rapidly growing, Detroit electronic scene.

Derrick is responsible for an armada of influential tunes that mix the industrial melancholy of Detroit with the romantic futurism of the times he grew up in.

Drop in for an exhilarating time at Mezzaluna, a venue known for being one of the wackiest after hours hotspots in town. The venue sheds the garb of a quiet, romantic space and turns into a party haven at night with a large dance floor and walls that come alive with visual projection.

For the love of music
Derrick comes to Bahrain as part of the Red Bull Music Academy for the Bahrain Music Conference (BMC). Only a year old, BMC has become one of the most anticipated events on the Kingdom’s calendar. The three-day conference aims to inspire budding musicians and to act as a catalyst for collaboration of regional talent.

Derrick May collaborates with BMC as a member of Red Bull Academy of Music; a group of producers, vocalists, DJs, instrumentalists and all-round musical mavericks from around the world who come together at a new location each year.