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Time to Tron
Get ready for a spectacular season closer with LED-suit clad dancers at Mai-Tai.

The 1982 sci-fi blockbuster Tron may have had a somewhat bizarre plot (man transported into computer mainframe to fight evil, would-be world-conquering artificial intelligence) but the film left audiences across the globe glued to their cinema seats.

The draw was the distinctively memorable aesthetics and visual effects that inspired and paved the way for many of the CGI films we embrace and enjoy today. The visuals of this film were truly innovative and unlike anything else seen before.

So it is hardly surprising that, with such eye-catching graphics, a group of talented dancers have found a way to celebrate the movie as part of their performance, delivering a spectacular display connecting lights, music and movement to hypnotise spectators.

The Tron Dancers, with their special LED suits, will be putting on a stunning dance show at Mai-Tai on Saturday, June 13 for the summer closing party.

Providing the music will be Brit DJ Erin Campbell whose musical journey began with a guitar and kicked into overdrive on the magical White Isle, Ibiza, where she developed a love for deep house and mixing. After travelling through Europe and playing at Berlin behemoths Berghain/Panorama Bar and Tresor, Erin returned to her native Hartlepool and started her own club night, called Krankhouse.

She has opened for the likes of house legends Todd Terry, Yousef, Eats Everything, Catz n Dogz, Terry Francis and many more and is now living in Bahrain travelling to Doha weekly for a residency at the Marriot Beach Hotel. She’s also a resident at Xclusive Events in Bahrain and promises a night of varied house styles to keep the Tron Dancers moving and keep partygoers on the dance floor.

The Trader Vic’s team rarely needs an excuse to party, but as the weather begins to heat up for the summer and the beautiful outdoor pagoda of Mai-Tai Lounge bids farewell to yet another season, closing until the Autumn, what better reason could there be to get together for an evening of fun and indulgence... and an open-bar served Trader Vic’s style, of course!
The fun gets underway from 9pm and tickets cost BD45 including unlimited drinks.

Call 17 586-555.