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Striving for Excellence
A new food safety certification brings further validation to Lulu Hypermarket’s commitment to exceptional quality and customer service.

Lulu Hypermarket now has another feather in its cap.
“We’re proud to announce that we’re the first hypermarket in Bahrain to meet the strict regulations and very high standards of the ISO 22000-2005 team, thus raising the bar on our already admirable food safety standards,” notes Juzer Rupawala, regional director.

The ISO 22000 is globally used by organisations in the food chain, including retailers such as big hypermarkets, who run their own kitchens in addition to frozen and fresh food sections.

The certification means that Lulu Hypermarket has been recognised by a global authority for its quality control in the food sector and for implementing affiliated food industry management systems, compliance with regulatory and statutory and customer requirements.

Juzer believes the nod comes as validation for the retailer’s continuous endeavour to ensure highest standards in the food chain, from storage to preparation, display and sale.

“The food segment is a very big part of our business and we’ve always been particular about ensuring that we deliver the best standards to our customers. This certification will recognise these efforts, help us document the processes and put in place a grid of tests and periodic validation to ensure that certification standards are constant,” he adds.

“Of all the goods that the retail operations deal with, food is one that affects the health of our customers most directly. We’re, therefore, careful that only the best shall enter and leave our food chain.”

Operating in a small and competitive market such as Bahrain, what separates Lulu from other retailers is the continuous value addition it offers at its stores.

“Price plays a major role in influencing purchase decisions and we continually try to offer exceptional value to our customers,” he notes.

Lulu Hypermarket has a tradition of celebrating seasons and special occasions by flying in special produce and foodstuffs for customers in Bahrain. The hypermarket’s annual Mango Festival in the summer makes available dozens of varieties of mangoes from all over the world to Bahrain. The recently concluded Great British Week saw the retailer bringing in the best of British brands and food stuff to the Kingdom.

Looking forward
Juzer believes that a retailer must introduce new experiences and services constantly to make the experience of shopping more interesting and fruitful for its clientele. Whether it is the use of mobile apps to help locate specific merchandise within the hypermarket, offering home delivery services to customers, a retailer must constantly reinvent itself to stay ahead of the curve.

“We’re currently evaluating a number of initiatives in improving customer service and in making shopping a more rewarding experience for our loyal customers. We’re committed to innovation and exceptional customer service,” he says.

Lulu currently has four outlets in Bahrain, with the largest retail footprint in the Kingdom. Audit research Deloitte recently placed Lulu as the 9th fastest growing retail chain in the world.