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Movie of the month
DIRECTED BY: David Gordon Green
STARRING: Nicolas Cage, Tye Sheridan

Cage plays Joe, a short-tempered ex-con, notorious for drink driving and confrontations with the police. He runs an illegal tree-poisoning crew for a lumber company. Joe sees something in Gary, a local 15-year-old, and becomes his role model.
He protects him from his abusive, alcoholic father and helps him get on his feet. Though his kind heart is plain to see, Joe has a troubled life and this frequently catches up with him during the film, putting Gary in danger.

The incident sees Marks kill Hammond exactly 20 minutes after receiving the text, making him the first victim. Some of the passengers and even the pilots believe that Marks is hijacking the plane, which provides a major obstacle for him to overcome in his quest to prevent any more murders.

WORTH WATCHING? The film may start a little bleak, but there are many twists in the story throughout the film. The balance of good and bad within Joe’s character makes for a compelling watch as well as giving Nicolas Cage a character that suits his acting style down to a tee. Gary Poulter — a real-life, homeless alcoholic — plays Gary’s father and delivers some brilliant scenes that were shot in one take.

VERDICT:The storyline is impressive; the villain — not so much so.