Bahrain This Month    
George F. Middleton
First Word

Dear Readers,

And so here we are, having reached the 200th edition of Bahrain's first-ever monthly magazine. I can honestly say that the journey has had its fair share of excitement, challenges and innovations along the way. These past 18 and a half years have been full of joy (and occasionally sadness) as we celebrated 'the great way of life' which the vast majority of Bahrain's local and expatriate communities enjoy so much in this unique and pleasant land.

The late Roy Kietzman, our first professional editor, was responsible for the implementation of content and editorial standards which we have tried to maintain and improve upon over the years. Our current editorial director, David Robertson, has been at the helm of the publication since 2006 and I am most grateful to him for his integrity and commitment to the process of guiding our team of professional writers and journalists in a new era of print and digital convergence.

Our photographers (Subi and Shanker, who retired last month after many years of dedicated service), production artists, secretarial and administration officers, have all played a major contribution in getting us where we are today. In particular, Samson Vaz, who has hardly ever taken a day off in 22 years of service and on whom I rely the most.

Our media sales team has enabled us to benefit from the natural popularity of this publication, almost from the very start. In particular, Marise Dos Santos, our longest-serving media executive has played a fundamental role in developing our many clients' confidence and support over the years.

Thank you team members for all your efforts and support which have brought us to this historic landmark in the annals of publishing - not only in Bahrain, but in the region.

I would also like to thank the wider community of the Kingdom for supporting us through the years. It has been both an honour and fun to catalogue the social history of this wonderful country since September 1997.

In our first issue we interviewed Abdulnabi Albdulla Al Sho'ala who, at the time, was the minster for labour and social affairs. In this issue we talk to his son, Mishal Al Sho'ala, the chairman of Primedia International, about the challenges facing the publishing business.