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George F. Middleton
First Word

Dear Readers,

Ramadan together with summer was always going to be an interesting experience; a quieter than usual Holy Month did not, however, dampen the camaraderie and spirit of the many Iftars and Ghabgas held around town last month, as our Bystander pages bear testament.

On an uncomfortably humid day last month, I had the luxury of driving a Rolls-Royce Wraith, as well as witness the launch of the Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II. The Wraith with its striking look and subtle power offers a new dimension for this iconic brand.

Our India in Bahrain report celebrates the 67th anniversary of the subcontinent's Independence Day by taking a look at India's presence in the Kingdom. From business links and social clubs to a review of the Indian cuisine offerings and fashion outlets across the island, there's an Indian touch to much of what we see and do. In addition, the Indian ambassador, Dr Mohan Kumar, goes for a drive in a Jaguar XJ in this month's Backseat Chat. He discusses the future of ties between the Kingdom and India as well as offers an insight into his role as an ambassador.

Warren Stalls, a well-known face around the Kingdom's entertainment industry, tells us what it takes for a party to be successful in our Interviews pages. We also speak to Abdul Rahman Al Jowder and Mahmood Al Reefy, founders of Spades Studio. This facility offers commercial photographers the platform to maximise their skills without having to leave the country to source the requisite equipment to do so.

A new addition to the skyline of the Kingdom is Swiss-Belhotel. General manager Herve Peyre tells us why the hotel's rooms have sold out before its launch during Eid. If you are looking for a quiet break, then enter our Blipp & Win competition and get yourself on a flight to Oman, courtesy of Oman Air.

In our Summer Coolers report you can find out where to treat yourself with a refreshing drink while you take a break from the sweltering heat. From frozen yoghurts to ice creams, an endless choice of flavours abounds around town.

Wherever you go during the course of the month, take time to enjoy the great way of life that the Kingdom has to offer. Eid Mubarak!