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Journey Through a Lens
When? Ongoing-August 31
Event? Photography Exhibition
Venue? InTouch Gallery, InTouch Integrated Chiropractic Spine Center, Janabiya

A selection of photographs by artist Gaye Bentham is on display at the InTouch Gallery, located in the InTouch Integrated Chiropractic Spine Center. The exhibition, named Journeys, showcases images taken by the artist in Bahrain, India, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Morocco, Cambodia, the UK and the US.

Gaye, who was born in England, has a free spirit and love of adventure. Fate brought her to Bahrain in 1983 and her deep affection for this beautiful country has kept her here for over 30 years. After retiring from working in a corporate environment, she pursued her passion for travel and photography, inspired by her love of life, art and culture. Gaye strives to capture emotive images that communicate the beauty, wonder, mystery and occasional quirkiness she finds in the world.

The InTouch Integrated Chiropractic Spine Center regularly displays changing exhibitions of Bahrain-based artists’ work and is the only health care centre in Bahrain that promotes artists in a relaxed atmosphere different to that of a traditional gallery.

The exhibition opened last month and will run until August 31, with all the works on display for sale throughout summer. Opening timings are Sunday, Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 6pm.

Call 17 690-100 for more information.