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Creative Expression
April 24-27 | Art exhibition | Arts Centre, Bahrain National Museum

This international school invites you to an art exhibition, where you can buy artworks and donate to a charitable organisation.

An empty space on your living room wall could be completed by one or more of 800 creative masterpieces produced by the students of Ibn Khuldoon National School (IKNS).

Not only will you will be adding to the unfinished decor of your home but you won't need to feel about doing so either; the proceeds raised from the sale of the artworks will go to charities.

Students from every level will compete this month to win the title of the best artwork in their respective categories. The works will be displayed at an exhibition inaugurated by the Minister of Culture, Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa.

Through this initiative, which aims to become annual, Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) and IKNS hope to raise funds for the 5,000 orphans of the Royal Charity Organisation (RCO).

"This offers our students a wonderful opportunity to continue the school's 30-year tradition of community service by supporting the RCO," says Dr Kamal Abdel-Nour, IKNS president, of the event.

"Our pupils believe that charity begins at home. Hence their desire is to fulfil their social responsibilities by assisting fellow Bahrainis who happen to be less fortunate."

The event is in total harmony with both the school's mission and with Manama's 'Year of the Arts' theme for 2014. Besides its emphasis on bilingual education, IKNS also sheds light on art. Every year three exhibitions are organised by the school.

"The aim is to support charities helping disadvantaged children through art and by raising the exposure of contemporary art in the Middle East. Art enthusiasts can purchase the students' work throughout the month of April.

We encourage the public to start booking the pieces in advance," says SAF regional director, Nabil Khoury.

Artworks will be sold at BD100, BD150 and BD200. All the works will be exhibited at the Bahrain National Museum's Arts Centre and will be open to the public.

The four best pieces will be auctioned off at a private gala dinner and charity fundraiser on April 28, where the highlight of the evening is a prize-giving ceremony. Each of the winners receives BD500, donated by Sovereign Trust Consultancy (Bahrain).