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What's New
A man’s aroma
Eau de Cade from L’Occitane is an intense, luminous fragrance that exudes sheer, steadfast masculinity. The brand uses oil with aromatic notes supported by woody accords, which anchor the fragrance in authenticity.
Available at L’Occitane.
  Travel in style
Tumi, the leading international brand of premium travel, business and lifestyle accessories, honours its heritage of design excellence with the launch of Alpha 2.Updated with innovative technologies, Alpha 2 stands as a true modern classic in both design and function.
Available at Tangara.
Adaptable chic
Whether you are on the beach in St Tropez or at a cocktail party in Miami Beach, the timeless Cruise Original collection from Technomarine is perfect for any occasion, thanks to its ingenious interchangeable strap and covers.
Available at A La Mode.
  Body improvements
Hula, Hayati and Dolphin products have a new healthcare concept through its range of machines that intensifies the functions of the human body, like improving blood circulation.
Available in Gajria Electronics.

Fabulous or fearsome?
The answer is both. One thing’s certain, Le Pliage Madballs — Jeremy Scott’s latest limited edition of Longchamp’s iconic foldable travel bag — is set to start a style debate. Available at Jashanmal.