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Refined Performance
This luxury sports car is sensational to drive and extraordinarily comfortable. We take a closer look.

McLaren Automotive launches their latest model to join its impressive line-up of cars. The McLaren 650S is available in coupé and spider body versions, positioned above the 12C and transferring technology from the sold-out McLaren P1. The 650 takes cues from both models as well as 50 years of competing in the highest levels of motor sport.

The 650S is the fastest, most engaging, best equipped series-production super car yet from the motoring brand. Its statistics are breathtaking in coupé form; the car accelerates to 100km/h from rest in just 3.0 seconds, and can reach 200km/h in just 8.4 seconds. The standing quarter mile takes 10.5 seconds and top speed is 333 km/h. This performance puts the latest model a full second quicker than the iconic McLaren F1 road car to 200 km/h underlining its performance focus.

“The 650S represents 50 years of road and racing car know-how. Everything we’ve learnt from the 12C and the McLaren P1 has gone into this car, creating a vehicle with the widest breadth of capabilities of any production super car. It’s also a new benchmark in pure driving excitement,” says Ian Gorsuch, regional director for Middle East and Africa.

The front-end design is inspired by the McLaren P1, showcasing a new family design language for the brand. The new look follows the design ethos of ‘form follows function’, with the front bumper providing a dramatic, yet clean, appearance while the integrated front splitter contributes to increased levels of down force.

Optimised aerodynamics ensures that the performance is accessible and increases driver engagement. Enhanced handling, high-speed balance and steering turn-in result from improved levels of down-force.

“This is a proud occasion for all of us at McLaren Automotive as we continue to make great strides forward in our development of innovative technology. The 650S joins our super car range only three years after the launch of the 12C. We are a fast-moving company that never rests, bringing new technology and thinking to our customers as soon as possible,” continues Ian.

Deliveries to customers of the McLaren 650S in the Middle East region will begin in September 2014.