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Sporty, Elegant, Versatile
The extraordinary design of one of the automotive industry’s dream machines was unveiled at the Kingdom’s home of art and culture, the Bahrain National Museum.

The 2014 Year of Arts initiative launched by the Bahrain Ministry of Culture presented a perfect opportunity for Ferrari to unveil the California T in style. Celebrating the collaboration and technique of design and innovation, both in art and in automobiles, the launch consisted of a display of vintage Ferrari models and images featuring the marque’s ongoing heritage.

Guests, clients and admirers later joined in for an exclusive evening to celebrate the arrival of the model. With its refined elegance and Formula One-inspired turbocharged engine, Ferrari says the new California T reinforces the quality of its aspirated engines, while delivering the same sound, progressive torque, 560hp and a remarkable reduction in emissions and consumption.

Motoring analysts suggest the California T is the perfect model for those who like a powerful Berlinetta, faithful to the Prancing Horse tradition and, at the same time, an exciting Spider to be used for the sheer pleasure of driving.

Refinement and obsessive attention to detail are its main characteristics. The new model maintains a sense of continuity with the past. Its designers say it has been completely redrawn to present a more harmonious, contemporary style.

Born in the late 1950s, the California model represents a long history of tradition embodying elegance and versatility. It has become a global symbol of exotic success by admirers of the mean machine.

The California T is powered by a direct-injection 3,885cc V8 turbo engine that punches out a massive 560cv at 7,500 rpm. This yields a specific power output of 145cv/l, the highest in its category, as well as maximum torque of 755Nm in seventh gear. These are figures that allow the California T to sprint from zero to 100km/h in just 3.6 seconds and deliver extraordinary acceleration, even in higher gears, and excellent fuel efficiency.

Take a look at the new treat from Ferrari at the Euro Motors showroom. Call 17 750-750