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A Need For Speed!
The Germans may have some questionable quirks when it comes to cuisine, but it’s practically impossible to criticise their engineering skills.

The Porsche 911 Carrera GTS is a sight to behold, a true German masterpiece that has been sculpted to perfection. Sleek curves, seductive lines, delicate contours and an aggressive front end give this mean machine a real presence.

Inside is no exception. The model I drove had a vibrant interior; each part stitched with precision and care to create a stunning cabin. Once I slipped inside, the bucket leather seat wrapped around me, giving me a sense of comfort and security.

It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a supercar, including Bluetooth hands-free telecommunication, satellite navigation, MP3 player as well as the standard CD and AM/FM radio.

It’s almost impossible to describe the joy I felt the second I turned the key and this beast began to roar. An ear-to-ear grin shot across my face almost as fast as this model goes from 0-100kmph — in four seconds.

The GTS has what can best be described as a Jekyll and Hyde personality. The drivability is undeniable; it’s smooth, controlled and responsive. However, the second I hit the Sport mode button, it was a game changer and the monster was unleashed.

The steering became stiffer and the throttle response became sharper, which delivered a more aggressive drive, and the noise … oh the beautiful noise. A throaty roar that lets you know this model means business.

In the Sport mode, the exhaust gases are diverted down a shorter route to the exhaust tips. If you decide to switch to manual, which is pretty much a given when driving this car, the paddles are swift and responsive.

Under the bonnet is a flat six 430bhp engine, which launches the GTS with more than enough force to throw you back in your seat. As standard, it has a seven-speed Porsche Doppelkupplung gearbox — or PDK for short. Not only does it shift smoothly, the gear changes are quicker than an Olympic sprinter.

Make no mistake about it; this is a car that commands two things, respect and attention.
When I found a great open stretch on the highway on the way to Amwaj Islands, I zoomed along with conviction and anyone in front of me quickly moved lanes to let me pass so they could get a better look at the electric blue paint job.

Love is a strong word but there simply isn’t a better one to describe my feelings for this mean machine.

Call 17 459-911.