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Rethink the Way You Drive
New traffic laws will come into operation on February 7 aimed at making the Kingdom’s roads safer by changing drivers’ behaviour.

Under a campaign dubbed ‘Rethink’ to publicise a raft of new rules, the country’s General Directorate of Traffic asks: “Why do people change when they get behind the wheel? Why isn’t everyone more aware on the road and more considerate to each other? We don’t want people to become statistics. It’s time to take responsibility. It’s time to make Bahrain’s roads safer. It’s time to rethink.”

Launching the new laws, Director General, Shaikh Nasser Bin Abdurrahman Al Khalifa, says: “The new law will achieve the highest degree of road traffic safety and will ensure traffic smoothness by controlling the wrong traffic behaviours that led to increased mortality rates at 175 people within two years.”

Major Osama Bahar, acting director at the Traffic Culture Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, adds: “The statistics prove that the cause of 51 per cent of traffic accidents is carelessness and lack of attention which makes it necessary for the General Directorate of Traffic to raise the traffic awareness of all community groups as part of continuing to apply the principle of community engagement among different community groups on one hand and the traffic police on the other.”

Behaviours covered by the new laws range from failing to use a child seat or using a mobile phone while driving to jumping red lights, speeding and causing fatal accidents.

Here are the main sections of the new law, visit for more information.