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Too Big to Fail — or to Continue!
By: James Claire
It was said that some companies in the USA were too big to fail. I wonder if there are some that are too big to continue, like its government.

Is it time to scrap the concept of government and start from scratch?

I once worked in a situation where I was one of two employees. As the business grew, so did the staff. The more we employed, the more problems were caused and the more staff we seemed to need. This meant more cars, more legalities and more paperwork. This also meant more uncertainty, resulting in in-fighting. In the end, we wished we could simply go back to when life was easier and time was spent worrying about nothing but the job at hand.

The process of governing is much like that in every country. More people spend time trying to be better than the next rather than doing their jobs. Some see that by doing nothing they can coast along and hide in the shadows until retirement.

The institution no longer attracts the brightest minds. Government is now meant for the lazy, who never know anything about risk and reward. To say that everyone does not work is unfair. There are those who work very hard, but at what?

A friend once stated they wished to work for the government because it meant a guaranteed position for 25 years, retirement with a pension and other benefits. Imagine if that's how all of us thought when we applied for any job!

I recently saw a copy of the 26-page memorandum by the American Department of Defence and its
official Pentagon 'brownie' recipe. The document describes everything from the quality of the ingredients and standards used for the production of each ingredient to the recipe itself and the packaging. You'd hate it if a soldier had a bad day because his brownie was rotten. But of the 26 pages, only seven lines were dedicated to the manufacturing method.

No matter how skilled the chefs preparing it may be, the same recipe can be interpreted and manufactured differently. How long exactly is the method of whipping eggs and sugar until light and fluffy? For you it may be a few minutes; for me it is longer. Each results in a different end product.

Having spent the time, research and money on a singular recipe to be written in depth, one would think that a chef would be consulted on the requirements and methodology for making something as simple as a brownie.

This is why being busy and working hard is completely different inside a government. If these offices were about efficiency, there would be mass layoffs and unemployment rates would rise.

One day tax payers will revolt in more countries. For now, I don't mind how big our parliament is as long as none of us pay taxes. For me, that's the best form of government there is.

As Thomas Jefferson said, "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government."