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Tarotscope 2015 and discovering your best months in 2015

Oct 22 – Nov 21
November promises to be an odd month for your sign as you wrestle with many doubts over your own abilities, present in no small part because of certain setbacks you have suffered, both professionally and emotionally. On the work front, you are finding that changing the direction of your career is a difficult and indeed draining process and you may very well have to set yourself a deadline before you reconsider your current course of action. On the relationship front, a barren spell is starting to knock your confidence; however, you don’t need to get down about this. Your destiny is in your own hands and the right person is a lot closer than you realise. Card of the Month — The Ace Of Coins

November 22 – December 21
Humility is the order of the day for your sign as some of you could be heading to a fall because of overconfidence and even – dare I say it – slight arrogance. There is nothing wrong with being positive and assured in your own abilities, but when matters are taken beyond that point it becomes offensive to others. Try to take your friends and family into consideration and think about the feelings of those closest to you. You might find November to be a lonely month, especially if it is a time when you celebrate your birthday.
Card of the Month — The Hanged Man

December 22 – January 21
On occasions, your sign can prove difficult company to keep, especially when your infamous moody side comes to the fore. This month someone in your close circle is going to challenge you and the outcome of this confrontation will prove decisive in the long-term relationship you are set to share. Whilst the other person is likely to be in the wrong, you should consider carefully where your own actions are likely to lead. Sometimes it is best to show the other cheek and treat someone with humility and kindness rather than bitterness and anger. If you dig your heels in – as is your nature – then it could be to your detriment in the long run. Principles are only worth upholding when they have merit.
Card of the Month — The Star

January 21 – February 20
There is no doubting that someone of elegance and sophistication is about to make an entrance into your social circle and change things for you in dramatic fashion. If you are involved in a relationship then it could be time to reassess where you are and what you want because this person is sure to make you question the status quo. If you are single then you could be about to embark upon the greatest experience of your life. It really promises to be that sensational!
Card of the Month — The Ten Of Swords

February 21 – March 20
Your sign is going to embark upon an exciting new business deal this month, as plans sketched out earlier in the year finally become a reality. Things are likely to move very quickly and you may be surprised at the amount of work you initially need to do but then no one said it would be easy! On the romance front a long-term relationship is feeling a little tired and you may want to consider spicing up your love life or risk losing what was once very important to you.
Card of the Month — The High Priestess

March 21 – April 20
Money and travel are two key features of your life this month and both offer favourable outcomes that will continue to bring rewards well into December and the New Year. The principal reason for your success will be down to co-ordination and you can take great satisfaction that everything will work out as you had intended, something you can take full credit for. Yours is the sign of the leader and taking the initiative is something you are good at, so don’t be afraid to exert your influence where required.
Card of the Month — The World

Apr 21 – May 20
You can look back on the year and celebrate the fact that, in all honesty, you have enjoyed a prosperous and successful time. This is due in no small part to your own hard work and effort. As long as you continue to focus and retain commitment, things are sure to continue as they have for you in this area. Furthermore, don’t be afraid to try out some alternative plans of action and build on your achievements. At the moment you are on such a hot streak that there are no limitations on what you might achieve.
Card of the Month — The King Of Coins

May 21 – June 20
Sound business sense will see you go far this month. Following on from the formation of a new partnership, you will be excited by the opportunities that are on show for you. This new union has opened many doors and the potential for expansion and financial rewards remains significant. On the relationship front, you need to temper your desires after your association with a work colleague develops into something more serious. There is no doubting that an attraction exists between the two of you but this could be a dangerous liaison and one you really need to weigh up carefully.
Card of the Month — The Eight Of Cups

June 21 – July 20
Romantically, things are not the way you would like them this month and the time may have come to do something about it. Yours is a sign that can sometimes create a love in your mind that is leagues away from the reality of a situation. Be honest about matters and it will prove much easier to tackle them. On the work front, a struggling business needs new ideas and you would do well to investigate unorthodox solutions as a means of getting an operation back on track.
Card of the Month — The Emperor

July 21 – August 21
Those of you who have been involved in any kind of building or development work, either at home or at work, are likely to be at your wits’ end. By the time you read this, you’ll have to face issues with contractors and generally poor workmanship that has seen the project overrun its timeline. Fortunately, the worst of this fiasco is probably behind you but there could still be a sting in the tail with legal matters if you decide to pursue some kind of recourse. You have got yourself involved with some ‘slippery’ fellows and justice might be an expensive exercise.
Card of the Month — The Hermit

August 22 – September 21
After a difficult few months financially, things are set to improve as we head towards the close of the year. This is down to a combination of things but in no small part because of your own efforts to tighten the purse strings and moderate your outgoings. The good news is that the worst of it is now behind you. However, on the work front, certain changes to personnel and procedures could lead to your role being more complicated going forward and you should not be afraid to speak out if you have a grievance.
Card of the Month — The Two Of Cups

September 22 – October 21
Last month was a good one for you, but that’s because this is the period when your sign can potentially do best. November is going to offer up a slightly mixed bag of successes as certain challenges are thrown in your path. How you deal with them will go a long way to determining whether you end 2015 on a high note or not. In truth, you may find you have calculated certain financial estimates incorrectly and now you are going to have to reassess the resources at your disposal.
Card of the Month — The Queen Of Swords

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