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Tarotscope 2014 and discovering your best months in 2014

January 20 - February 18
Card of the Month — The Emperor
Talking yourself up at work when you don't really deserve the praise could land you in hot water this month, so be careful what you say. There are certain people just waiting to pounce on the wrong words and you may not be able to dig yourself out of any hole you create. Thinking that you are indispensable will only lead to tears in the end, so try to be a little more reserved and keep your thoughts to yourself. When the time comes for people to notice your achievements, they will do so of their own accord. On the romance front, you may find that what started out as the perfect relationship is starting to display a few cracks. It may be that you are going to have to face facts and accept that no one in life is without fault. If you don't, you could be looking forever!
February 19 - March 20
Card of the Month —The Pope
Many of you may not be feeling at your best right now and it wouldn't do you any harm to get a quick check-up and see if there is anything internal that needs to be looked at. You have recently been under a lot of pressure and there is no question that you could do with a little break. Once you've had yourself checked out, why not consider a couple of weeks away to recharge your batteries? On the home front, you could find yourself in hot water over a politically incorrect comment concerning a family member and it is going to take a serious effort on your part to put it right. If you're expecting to be forgiven by offering a few flowers and simple apology then think again.
March 21 - April 19
Card of the Month — The Star
Your progress in a newly developed career is proving positive; the good news is that the best is yet to come. You have already enjoyed great success but this is mainly from simply having dipped your toe in the water. So much more awaits you and over the next few months you will see your star rise even higher. On the relationship side of your life, a slight dip in July will now have been completely overcome and you will be back on track with greater confidence. In some ways it will feel like starting over again and that sense of freshness may well help you make an important decision before August finally passes.
April 20 - May 20
Card of the month — The Page of Swords
It's been an unpredictable road when it comes to finances over the last few months; fortunately the up-and-down seesaw that represents your monetary affairs looks set to even itself out. This will allow a lot more balance and stability to be injected back into your life. Those of you who may have been feeling somewhat drained can also take heart from the fact that your spirits will be significantly raised over the coming weeks by a positive outcome in the workplace. Your long-term ambitions have stalled somewhat because of other distractions but, now more than ever, you will feel enthused and ready to propel yourself to the next level.
May 21 - June 20
Card of the month — The Queen of Pentacles
After a difficult July you can look forward to a more balanced and rewarding August, with all areas of your life set to benefit from the turnaround in your fortunes. First up is the improvement you will notice in a relationship. A partner or loved one is likely to respond well to your increased efforts to get things, which were hampered by outside forces last month, back on track. Financially, things will also get better as additional work and increased revenue will boost your coffers and allow you a little more disposable income. Health-wise, a new eating regime will see you feeling a lot better, so don't slip back into old routines that were at fault.
June 21 - July 22
Card of the month — Eight of Cups
Family is at the forefront of your mind this month and you may need to make some difficult decisions when it comes to a young child who has been the subject of much concern for you over the last few months. Taking matters into your own hands could be the only solution. But, if you don't make things happen soon, you could end up struggling with quite a few external problems that will result in a setback as a consequence. Now is the time for you to be selfless and think of others. Financially, you could see your stock rise when it comes to an investment that suddenly turns in your favour, and there is every indication you could enjoy a prosperous summer.
July 23 - August 22
Card of the month — The Sun
For many of you there is the definite sense that love is in the air this month. Since the latter part of July heralded the start of Leo, it might coincide with you being at your best and well equipped to portray yourself to any potential partner in a positive light. On the work front there could also be a pay rise to look forward to and every possibility that a new position, that you will be keen to accept, opens up. Just make sure you do your homework and manage to cover everything you are expected to know; while you are more than suited for the vacancy, only careful preparation will ensure you are in with a chance.
August 23 - September 22
Card of the month —Eight of Pentacles
You are closing in on the final stages of a long-term project that has helped redefine you, both as a person and as a forerunner of what you do in the work arena. However, what you may not have truly accepted is how you take yourself to the next stage. This will be the main dilemma for many as you seek to define a role that will sustain and also develop you for the latter part of the year and beyond. Knowing your demanding nature, you will need assurances that where you move next will be of greater value to your career. That might not be as easy to achieve as it sounds. On the health front, you could find yourself back at the doctors for a condition you felt had been treated but which is back with a vengeance!
September 23 - October 22
Card of the month — Knight of Wands
No matter how hard you try, it seems the shadow of temptation hanging over you won't go away unless you learn to restrain yourself and resist. Otherwise, you could end up being drawn into a spiral that sees you losing everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Careerwise, an opening could develop in a field that you are particularly interested in but you will have to be at your best to beat the opposition. You should think carefully about your strategy rather than just racing in and hoping to discover a solution. A romantic interest that started in June could really turn serious this August; make sure you're not treading on someone else's toes before you make your move
Scorpio Scorpio
October 23 - November 21
Card of the month — Strength
Problems with love rear their head again for you and it could be that you are about to struggle with a few issues that are not going to be solved overnight. There is no question that you are at the end of your patience when it comes to a relationship, because a partner is simply dragging their feet when it comes to making their mind up on where they want to take things. How much longer can you afford to ignore matters? It is making you look a fool. On the work front, you could be pressed into a difficult corner over certain practices that are deemed somewhat inappropriate. If you have been conducting yourself in an inappropriate manner, then you had better change, and quickly!
Sagittarius Sagittarius
November 22 - December 21
Card of the month — Four of Swords
This month there are going to be a lot of headaches for you to address and many of them will be of your own making. Time and again you have refused to accept the advice put before you in relation to a family matter; now you have reached the point where everything is about to blow up in your face. When the dust settles it is not going to be any good trying to find someone to point the finger of blame at and, if you have any sense, you will try to make amends rather than continue with the fight. On the work front, things could be slow but you are not helping the cause yourself; it might be time for you to inject a little more urgency into proceedings.

December 22 - January 19
Card of the month — The Chariot
You could find yourself at crossed purposes this month as you enter a period of the year that throws more obstacles than opportunities in your path. The best practice you can undertake is one of patience and serenity; don't allow anyone to ruffle your feathers because, although you might be up for a fight, you are not going to be strong enough to win any battle that you might embark upon. On the health front people could be alarmed by the loss of weight you have suffered and you may need to look at matters. You might be taking a new diet you're become obsessed with just a little too far. Not all food is the enemy, you know!

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