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Tarotscope 2014 and discovering your best months in 2014

January 20 - February 18
Card of the Month — Six of Wands
It would appear that the well-ordered structure of your life is about to be severely disrupted this month as you battle with the consequences of your own impetuous actions from the last few weeks. A relationship that has recently come to an end will still be dominating your thoughts and you may be kicking yourself for not having dealt with a difficult matter in a more sensible fashion. Still, there is no sense in crying over spilt milk and the only thing you can do now is move forward in the hope that things will improve over the coming months.
February 19 - March 20
Card of the Month — Ace of Swords
For many of you, the last few months have been all about working hard and getting things moving in the right direction on the career front. Fortunately, you now look like being exactly where you want to be and there is no question that over the course of this month you will see the rewards delivered in a big way. On the romance front, a tricky episode from your past could finally be put behind you but some of you will need convincing before you call time on this chapter of your life. Much like the elephant, you don’t easily forget, and it will take a massive effort on the part of a loved one or partner to make you feel secure once again.
March 21 - April 19
Card of the Month — Two of Coins
They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. However, you may find a recent spell away from a partner has left him or her with more than a few doubts about the future of your relationship — and you wishing that you could turn back time! There is no doubt that a difficult obstacle is going to have to be overcome as the path before you divides in two distinct ways. Either you will convince the person in question that all is well and you will move forwards, towards a long life together, or the hurdle proves insurmountable and things come to an abrupt and awkward conclusion. Be warned! There are no grey areas and in the end it will be one path or the other for sure.
April 20 - May 20
Card of the month — Queen of Coins
This month sees your fortunes take a more favourable turn in the financial stakes when you find yourself in receipt of an increase of funds from an unexpected source. You may discover that a forgotten policy or savings plan could suddenly mature and land a much-needed bonus in your lap. Just use it wisely, as this could be the opportunity that sets you on your way. It might arrive at just the right time because you may have been struggling with a mountain of debts so the relief such an opportunity offers could be most welcome. The number 1 in connection with a white outfit bodes well on the 13th, but don’t spend too much time thinking things through as this is a time for instincts over reason.
May 21 - June 20
Card of the month — Knight of Wands
Never burn your bridges, especially in business. This adage is going to have a significant meaning in your life this September as your behaviour towards a friend or colleague back at the tail end of last year returns to haunt you, leaving you in a predicament that only he or she can sort out. It may not be enough to swallow your pride and even an apology won’t suffice. This just might be a case of pushing someone too far and having to deal with the consequences of your actions. While it won’t prove to be the end of the world, it may make you think twice in the future about how you treat people.
June 21 - July 22
Card of the month — Ten of Cups
September is going to be a big month for any of you involved in a new business venture; you will have to be prepared to take some major financial hits in the short term as you get things off the ground. The truth of the matter is that you won’t find things running quite as smoothly as you will have liked. Because of this you may need to spend some additional funds on bringing some outside expertise into the mix. It will all work out okay in the end but it may make you think differently about how you approach matters as the company takes shape. On the family front, a young child could give you cause to worry when it comes to a relationship at school and you will be forced to maintain a firm hand, or risk things going off the rails and out of your control.
July 23 - August 22
Card of the month — The Lovers
This month will see you put your latest plan of action on the work front into its next phase as you attempt to improve your financial situation and also bring in a little more business. While the task might seem quite daunting, it isn’t going to be as hard as you might think and there is every indication that your projections are going to return you a positive outcome. On the family front, you are going to feel under pressure to provide for a demanding teenager following the failure of someone else to deliver on a promise. It all comes at a time when things could be a lot simpler. But, if you apply a little patience, there is no reason why you can’t find a way through to make everyone happy.
August 23 - September 22
Card of the month — Four of Wands
Funny things happen in life and we often lose our way if a relationship goes stale, or ends, and the person left behind needs to pick up the pieces. This month you will be feeling very low as you come to terms with the closure of a chapter in your life. You will really regret saying goodbye. It's a fact that most Virgos are very loyal creatures and they do not tend to stray easily from a union, no matter how difficult things might become. It will leave you looking back and wondering where everything went wrong as you attempt to restructure your world. However, there is a glimmer of hope in that things may not end up being as final as you might expect - at least not for some.
September 23 - October 22
Card of the month — The Empress
A destructive force enters your life in September in the shape of a disgruntled relative who appears to have decided you are to blame for a long-running feud in the family. Try not to rise to their bait but instead put the record straight as soon as possible. Your best option here is tackling the problem head-on rather than allowing it to eat away at your sensitivities. Curb the cutting tongue rather than encourage it or you may end up the victim of this unruly person’s intentions. On the financial side, tighten your money belt, as there could be a hefty expense coming your way around the 17th. Be prepared to be careful with your investments.
Scorpio Scorpio
October 23 - November 21
Card of the month — Two of Cups
Your understanding nature with a loved one at the start of the year will reap rewards this month as you are presented with a token of their appreciation. If anything, this represents a step forward for you in what may have been a strained relationship; the good news is that things will only get better. On the family front you should prepare yourself for a few home truths when it comes to a young child. You may have to swallow your pride and accept what is put before you or risk breaking a rather fragile peace. If you have any plans to complete a major purchase, hold back for a few days and give some attention to the small print in your contract.
Sagittarius Sagittarius
November 22 - December 21
Card of the month —Two of Swords
September is going to be the last month when you can take advantage of a comfort zone as far as work is concerned. Make the most of it because, from October onwards, it’s going to start getting tough! This year is really going to change for you, mostly for the better if you put in the effort. Although you may start to get cold feet and butterflies, which feel like angry dragons in the pit of your belly, as the realisation sets in don’t deviate from your course. You have to be prepared to take a risk and challenge both yourself and the business you’re involved in. This might mean adopting a slightly different approach to the usual cautious, patient and by-the-numbers approach that is your preference. But a little change never hurt anyone, so embrace it!

December 22 - January 19
Card of the month — Ace of Coins
Relations with you and a family member have improved immensely over the last few months and this is reflected in your positive attitude and better mood overall. This new sense of optimism needs to be nurtured and taken forward. You are entering a time of the year which is conducive to greater success for your sign, providing you are up for the challenge and not afraid to put some effort in. On the relationship front a long-standing affection for someone afar may be taken to the next level after a chance meeting sparks a very positive reaction in both of you. Hold on to your hats; this could turn out to be an interesting ride!

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