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Tarotscope 2015 and discovering your best months in 2015

Aries -
Mar 21 – Apr 20

April is your month, Aries, and for many sharing this sign it could prove the most productive period of the year for you. After a number of disappointments and false starts on the business front, things will begin to look like they are really moving somewhere now and this will give you good heart after some difficult times recently. You are also going to feel much more appreciated and this will make your work output all the more productive as a consequence. If you have any concerns about a partner’s feelings towards you then why not approach them about it. You may be surprised to learn that they have something very special to tell you!
Card of the Month — The Moon

Taurus -
April 21 – May 20

Financially things are likely to be very good for you this month, with a big windfall landing on your lap sometime around the 21st that will really arrive out of the blue but set you up for a comfortable few months ahead. Emotionally, things might not be so clear-cut. A new relationship you have recently embarked upon is struggling to go anywhere so you need to quickly decide whether it’s really worth the effort. If you remain unclear on your feelings then it’s probably best to close matters before things get too involved. It would appear that the other person concerned is a lot more interested than you are so tell them before they fall in any deeper.
Card of the Month — Four of Cups

Gemini -
May 21 – June 20

Have you been feeling lately that everyone around you relies upon you for everything? Do you sometimes think that a little help from those closest to you would make a lot of difference in your life? Well, if you have some affinity with these two questions then perhaps it is time for you to put your foot down and exercise a little of that fiery temperament you are so famed for. For too long now you have been taken advantage of and the situation has to change. Make those who take you for granted work a little harder for your attention and spend more time on yourself. You’re worth it – as long as you believe it!
Card of the Month — The Magician

June 21 – ­July 20

There is an element of mystery in the air this month concerning a woman who suddenly makes an appearance in your working life. For any female Cancerians she will come across as a formidable obstacle to a proposed project or plan. For some men, she will be a desirable challenge whose bite is a good deal greater than her bark. Any sexist males – you have been warned! It might seem exciting to start with but the novelty will soon wear off once reality sets in. On matters financial, a loan may be required to service a car but be careful who you borrow the money from. The contract small print could conceal a charge you were not aware of.
Card of the Month — The World

July 21 – August 21

This month will see final closure on a long running emotional distraction and you are likely to feel that a huge burden has been removed from your shoulders as a consequence. For the first time in a long while you will be able to see your future for what it really is and whilst not everything will be as rosy as you might like, at least you will be able to better plan your progress for the coming months. Romantically, an unsatisfactory relationship is forcing you to seriously reconsider your commitment to a partner, and as you are going through a process of change, you might want to get everything out in the open and sorted all at once.
Card of the Month — Page of Swords

August 22 – September 21

Times are changing for you and this month could see a long-term relationship finally come to a close. Perhaps things have simply run their course; perhaps it is time for a natural change. Whatever the reason, April will mark the beginning of a phase in your life that sets the world as you know it on a course upon which it will remain set for some time to come. A young person may come to you for financial assistance but you should consider their motives before parting with any money. It might not be as cut and dried as you initially think. If any of you have been thinking about a trip away then take advantage of a window of opportunity in the middle of the month. It will be worth it!
Card of the Month — Three of Cups

September 22 – October 21

If there’s someone who has caught your eye then April should act as the catalyst for you to kick some romance back into your life and make a determined effort to get yourself noticed. Don’t be fooled by the individual’s apparent lack of interest since this exterior sign is most certainly only a façade. Beneath the seemingly unconcerned exterior lies a similarly interested person who will need little encouragement to give you a chance. Just be sure to act yourself and not try to change your character to suit the likely party. The 30th is significant since you may set a dinner date on this day with the person of your dreams.
Card of the Month — Two of Wands

October 22 – November 21

April will see you reflecting on the last few months, drawing you into a more thoughtful and self-analytical phase as you reassess your working role. It could be that you are feeling unsatisfied or even unappreciated in your job and the need for a more challenging role forces you to take steps towards a change. Use the skills that are at your disposal and assess your own strengths. You may be surprised to discover that you have a few more talents then you were aware of and utilising such abilities could result in significant financial rewards. The 7th sees a call from a friend seeking help but don’t be taken in by crocodile tears and try to remain objective.
Card of the Month — The Hanged Man

November 22 – December 21

Troubling news will reach your ears around the 14th of this month and you will be drawn into a conflict of some consequence when you discover that a colleague has been undermining your efforts in the workplace and taking credit for your own endeavours. How you handle the matter will dictate what action is taken but you shouldn’t be afraid to protect your interests nor take things through to whatever conclusion is required. If you have been concerned at all about a young family member’s state of health then you should consider taking the person to the doctor because whilst not serious – it would seem that your worries are not without foundation.
Card of the Month — Seven of Swords

December 22 – January 21

A recent death has left you feeling isolated and full of questions about your life this April and for the first time you are even doubting the hitherto rock solid relationship. This profound change could lead to you insisting on some time away alone to reassess your options and gather your thoughts again ahead of what is going to be an uncertain time. On the work front things could be a lot clearer and a good opportunity to change positions will be presented to you around the 17th. Try not to spend too much time thinking about it just grab the opportunity with both hands and see what happens. Being impulsive is something you excel at and your gut instincts usually serve you very well.
Card of the Month — The Sun

January 21 – February 20

You have been hit by a wave of enthusiasm and drive this month. Much of it can be attributed to the appearance of a new person in your life who has allowed you to emerge confidently from your shell and stamp your personality emphatically on the world around you. How long this new sense of urgency and determination will last is anyone’s guess but in truth while you are feeling this way its best to take advantage of the situation and channel that energy towards some positive pursuits. You are a completely different person when you let go of your inhibitions and many people will be pleasantly surprised by the inner character that emerges.
Card of the Month — Strength

February 21 – March 20

You have not been feeling your best recently and it could be that an old injury is flaring up and may require medical assistance. Get this looked at because trying to ignore it isn’t the solution and the longer you leave matters the worse they may get. On matters of family those of you with children may have to come to terms with a very difficult reality and the prospect of a massive upheaval and change in your circumstances should not be ruled out. April 23rd could be a lucky day for you – especially if you are thinking about treating yourself. You could come across the bargain to end all bargains if you keep a keen eye out for it! Card of the Month — Five of Wands

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