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Tarotscope 2015 and discovering your best months in 2015

June 21 – July 20

In the grand scheme of things, work doesn’t really feature that highly on your list of important subjects in life so the fact that some changes could be taking place at the office won’t concern you as much as it could others around you over the coming months. However, having said that, if you’ve been feeling a little dissatisfied with the way your career has been moving then this could be a good time to look elsewhere. You are not a person who engages or welcomes pressurised situations and if you feel your employment is taking more out of you then it should, the time has certainly come for you to effect a change.
Card of the Month — The Three of Wands

July 21 – August 21

For some time now you have been thinking about an unrequited love that still shadows your thoughts in those quieter moments of your life. It seems that you are not really over someone who rejected your advances many years ago. Regrettably, it could be that your unhappiness with your current situation in life is leading you down this route but you need to be true to yourself and accept that the two are separate issues. An unrealized love from is not going to resolve the dilemmas currently haunting your present relationship concerns and the sooner you appreciate this fact, the sooner you can find the best solution to matters.
Card of the Month — The Hanged Man

August 22 – September 21

Family life has never seemed so good and the future bodes well for all matters involving the home. You will find yourself reflective throughout July and perhaps even discover an emotional side to yourself you were completely unable to admit existed. Love is also in the air for you in a very big way. By this time next year, who you are, where you are and even what you are doing will all have changed and you will also be a lot better off. In short, there is a great deal for you to look forward to and the door to the kind of happiness you have been seeking is now well and truly open.
Card of the Month — Strength

September 22 – October 21

A recent introduction through a friend has had an impact on you and you are surprised at how this meeting has changed your outlook on life. It would be fair to suggest that just recently you have been feeling somewhat isolated when it comes to relationships and many of you yearn the fire and excitement of someone new and invigorating in your life. Suffice it to say this particular individual could be exactly what you are looking for and the signs of something special developing here are particularly strong, so long as you let go of that cautious side and allow a little of the unknown into your life if could prove to be a very interesting time for you.
Card of the Month — Temperance

October 22 – November 21

You are about to arrive at one of the biggest emotional crossroads of your life this month when you are presented with a choice that will finally decide the course you take in a relationship and also help determine whether or not certain decisions you made earlier in the year have in fact turned out to be the correct ones. Over the last few weeks a great deal of uncertainty and hesitancy has crept into your life and your thinking could be somewhat clouded by worries you did not expect to encounter. The road to happiness lies open for you but you must first separate the fact from the fiction before you can appreciate it.
Card of the Month — Death

November 22 – December 21

Some of you might be sat at home feeling sorry for yourselves, which is all very well but perhaps a little unjustified when you come to think about it. You see, you are a very direct and single-minded individual when you want to be and the decisions you have made in the past have often been made without always taking the interests of opinions of others into account. Consequently, when word reaches you in July that an event is being scheduled without your being included on the guest list, try asking yourself why that could be the case rather than flying off the handle. You might be more than a little surprised to discover the real reason behind it.
Card of the Month — The King of Swords

December 22 – January 21

What you think you want in your life and what you actually need are two completely different things and this month you may have to face up to the fact that getting your own way isn’t always going to satisfy your inner state of mind. Sure, you might be happy on some superficial level but go deeper and you will soon find yourself admitting that things don’t feel quite as rewarding as they should do. Why not take some time out from this materialistic journey you’ve embarked upon to experience the more spiritual side of life. There is a lot out there that you are missing on a daily basis, which is a shame since your sign – more than most – has the capacity to really appreciate it.
Card of the Month — The Chariot

January 21 – February 20

Your sign isn’t always good with change but over the coming weeks you are going to have to deal with a lot of it – some of which will prove to be very painful to suffer. However, through it all, you will have the support and love of friends and family to rely upon and when the light eventually emerges at the end of this long tunnel, you may even discover that your faith in a partner has been fully restored because of his or her actions. The most difficult paths are always the ones we learn most from but you’ll look back on your progress through this one with a great sense of achievement.
Card of the Month — The Ace of Cups

February 21 – March 20

You are often adept at getting yourself into trouble – it’s what happens when you live your life in such a carefree manner – but there does come a point when it’s wise to be a little more sensible about how you behave, especially where a relationship is concerned. This month you really have to decide what it is you want from your life and once you’ve made your choice, learn to stick to it. Other people are affected by the outcome of your actions so be a little thoughtful and take their feelings into account as well as your own. On the work front, opportunities come a knocking on the 17th July.
Card of the Month — The Queen of Wands

March 21 – April 20

July will present you with an opportunity to live out a dream or put an idea into practice that may have seemed beyond your reach for so long. There is the prospect of you travelling away from home for several months and perhaps even renting a new property. However, a relationship may suffer as a consequence and rumours or words of unrest concerning your partner may reach you from an unexpected source. A more long-term solution, which allows your partner to move with you will eventually resolve any issues but it might not be as immediate as you like.
Card of the Month — The Nine of Pentacles

Apr 21 – May 20

A conquest or hurdle that has hindered your progress up until this moment will finally become surmountable, giving you good reason to celebrate. In turn, this will also allow you to achieve notable success in the work place and there could be the opportunity for promotion as a consequence. On a more negative track, a close acquaintance may become ill because of stress and this will place an extra burden on you, forcing you to consider bringing in some outside help. It might seem like a rough period up until the end of the July but try and look on the bright side and realise that in the long run, it will be okay. You are resourceful and you’ll make it through.
Card of the Month — The King of Pentacles

May 21 – June 20

A relationship that was moving along with great promise will quite suddenly hit a snag this month and you may discover a new side to a partner that you never realized was there. It will surprise you and probably knock you off balance a little and some of you may even begin quickly debating the merits of taking a step back from matters to clear your thoughts. This would be a wise decision to make. Just don’t expect everything to still be the same once the dust has settled – either from your point of view or the perspective of the other person concerned.
Card of the Month — The Ace of Cups

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