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Tarotscope 2015 and discovering your best months in 2015

Sept 22 – Oct 21
Very often it is the little things in life that can cause us the most stress, especially when there are a few of them, all chipping away at your resolve simultaneously. October is going to see you frustrated by issues that may have appeared insignificant but have risen in importance to such a degree that they are now deserving of your attention. The really annoying fact is that if you had dealt with them when you had the chance you wouldn’t be in the position you are now. Still, deal with them now and you can put this down to a lesson learned and move on.

October 22 – November 21
It’s all about conflict for many of you this month unfortunately, as you find yourselves coming to blows in matters domestic and it is unlikely to be very pretty! You could find the strains in a relationship are forcing cracks to show and there is every indication that you will be driven to an unfortunate but necessary decision about a marriage or long-term partnership before the month is out. Work could also provide you with a number of concerns as changes are afoot and some of them could impact upon you directly.

November 22 – December 21
You might not like to hear it but the truth is that many of you are running around and getting yourself into a complicated tangle, simply because you are allowing things to get on top of you this month. Some of those closest to you have already noticed the change in your personality and in extreme cases your brash nature has hurt a few people’s feelings. Much of this is in the work place and you need to remember that you are dependant on the team around you and need to demonstrate your appreciation of them a little more.

December 22 – January 21
Many of you will be celebrating a property purchase this month after what has proven to be a difficult few months of negotiations. There were times when you didn’t think it would happen so the relief will be palpable. Now the fun work begins and you’ll be able to really throw yourself into making this space your own. On the work front you may be thinking about moving with a new business initiative and now you have your investment sorted this should be the next thing on your mind.

January 21 – February 20
Your sign goes into October off the back of celebrations and a fairly positive September and you will have good reason to be cheerful and optimistic about the future. Relationships may also feature heavily in your life and those of you who are single could look forward to a new romance some time close to the 9th. Those of you already involved in a partnership will be grateful for a little more time with a loved one and the chance to step up the commitment you share to the next level.

February 21 – March 20
Much of your time and energy is going to be taken up by thoughts of a loved one who is struggling at the moment and “up against a wall” in relation to a family dispute. You are going to have to be there for them and perhaps even end up getting more involved than you would have wanted but you will really have no alternative in the end. On the work front, a change of management structure could play in your favour and there is every indication that if you keep your wits about you and prove your desire for a new role that you will be in the running for something special before the month is out.

March 21 – April 20
Energy and vitality will drive you forward in October and you are going to enjoy some wonderful periods of optimism and success after what had been a fairly non-productive time throughout September. People close to you are also going to see you in a different light and this will influence the way they react around you over the coming months. All in all, life will work in your favour and you can look forward to the approach of a new era of growth and satisfaction. It will bring many unforeseen rewards.

Apr 21 – May 20
You are often one to wear your heart on your sleeve and this month that might not be such a bad thing, especially for those of you who want to make some progress in your careers. It might sound like a strange thing to suggest but for those of you who have more creative endeavours, it could be just the right time for you to consider dipping into that well of emotions for a little inspiration. We are moving towards the time of Scorpio and as your opposite sign, it can also give you much inspiration and a better opportunity to connect to your inner self.

May 21 – June 20
It’s been a turbulent few weeks for your sign with positives as well as negatives leaving your life feeling like it has been balanced on a see-saw. Fortunately, as we progress through the latter stages of October the energy you take from the closing days of Libra will give you the confidence to “steady the ship” and move forward with a little more purpose and more importantly, success. On the work front, you will have something to feel very proud of around the 13th whilst at home a child’s unruly nature will need to be tempered.

June 21 – July 20
You are about to enjoy a period of sustained growth and development when it comes to anything career or study related and all the hard work and investment you put in of late will begin to reap huge rewards. Your meticulous nature is set to provide you with major opportunities and you need to continue your deliberate focus at least until the end of the year. On the family front, a close relative is feeling somewhat detached from you and he or she is concerned that distance could be causing long-term damage to what you once shared.

July 21 – August 21
Your sign is always quick-witted and agile of thought and that’s just as well because you will need to be “on your toes” this month as a challenge is put before you that will test your resolve and push your abilities to the maximum. Not all of you may get through this unscathed but either way there will be lessons learned once the dust has settled and for those of you who do make it to the other side intact it will be the dawning of a new era in your lives. Just be sure to stick to the program to succeed.

August 22 – September 21
If you want to make progress this month then take the opportunities that are presented to you and move with them, even if you are not completely certain of how things should operate. There is no question that you are capable to deal with anything put your way you just need to have the confidence to believe it. If you can manage to keep your cool then it could end up being a very productive month. Health may be a concern for you and if there is a long-standing issue then perhaps you should go and see a specialist to get it resolved.

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