5 Reasons Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay, Is A Must Visit This Ramadan.

by Michelle D'souza

Mon, 13 May 2019

Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay's Ramadan 2019 offerings.


We’ve been to a lot of Ghabgas and iftars, this Ramadan, one that stood out to us was Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay ! Perhaps we’re a little biased considering we’ve got full stomachs and satisfied appetites. 

Trust us when we tell you, that regular Iftar / Ghabga feasts won’t be the same after you visit Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay! We could go on and on about everything at this beautiful landmark hotel but we fear we might start craving some incredibly delicious food all over again! Here are a few reasons anyway:



At sunset, Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay's Atmosphere Restaurant comes alive. The aroma wafting through the floors draws you to a beautfiul restaurant, 10 floors up with an array of over 3 different cuisines. The food is fresh, hot and delicious.                

If you're looking to host a corporate or private Iftar / ghabga feat, they open their Bateel Ballroom doors to you. The décor lends itself to the traditional Ramadan tent experience, with just a tiny difference; YOU ARE 45 FLOORS UP! That’s right! Over-looking our beautiful little island, Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay’s indoor Tent is a feast not only for your tummies but also your eyes! Get in touch with the hotel for more information on rates and availability. 

A little birdy tells us, though, that on a night, when the Bateel Ballroom, isn’t busy, you might just get the opportunity to dine there, call ahead to check!



 We all wait for Ramadan, for that is when Mom brings out the traditional fare and while we can get it at any time of the year, Iftar or Ghabga makes it even more special and delectable. Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay pulls all the stops on their buffet menu, but the most special is local delicacies that’ll make you swear your mom and aunts were the cooks! So many memories and nostalgia in every beautiful morsel!



So, multiple cuisines, live music, incredible ambience, surely this must cost a fortune, right? NO! At BD 15.5++ it’s an absolute deal! We couldn’t believe it ourselves! We were truly spoiled for choice and within budget too!             

And if that wasn’t enough, no matter when you visit the Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay, every paying customer has the opportunity to win some incredible prizes! On entering, all guests receive a raffle ticket, that goes into a lucky draw with winners being picked on Thursday each week!


At Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay, their guests come first, to add to your memorable Iftar / Ghagba experience, they have a specially designated Play Zone for children. So while you reminisce with friends and family, the kids can play in a totally safe zone and leave you to indulge in beautiful memories and fun.



The thought of not being able to take the Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay experience, would make you sad, right? Well, be sad no more! The Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay offers catering services for your private Iftars and Ghabgas! We’re super excited about it and we’re sure we’re going to be calling them in to deliver to the office and inviting everyone over!

Nothing, honestly, can prepare you for the incredible experience that Wyndham Grand Bahrain, Bay brings you this Ramadan, don’t just take out word for it, head on over to the Bateel Ballroom for a much deserved feast!

Ramadan Kareem to one and all!

You must visit Wyndham Grand, Bahrain Bay, this Ramadan!