Fit to Feast On

by Behnaz Sanjana

Sat, 03 February 2018

With culinary debutants that give a nod to flavoursome, health-conscious eating, this restaurant’s street food delicacies are fit for the upper crust.

You know that feeling when you’re trying to watch your diet but crave a laid-back afternoon or evening catching up with friends? Well, Lumee, the contemporary-chic restaurant that serves lip-smacking Middle Eastern cuisine with an intriguing twist, has just unveiled some new, healthy dishes on its menu that will allow you to dig in without despair.

What’s a MiddleEastern spread without hummus? Lumee’s new Green Hummus is blended with eight fresh herbs. Try it with freshly baked chickpea flatbread – the earthy flavours of thyme, tarragon, dill, basil and cilantro, among others, make it a virtuous treat that also cleanses and freshens the palate.

In stark colour contrast is the Muhammara, a fiery red-brown mass that will make your palate salivate at first glance. The aroma of fire-roasted red bell peppers, walnuts and pomegranate echo the exotic Levant. It’s nutritious, too, so you can ditch the guilt as you scoop it up.

If you can’t decide between fattoush and taboule, there’s Fattoule, a creative combination of the Arabic favourites with the best of both worlds – finely chopped greens topped with crispy pita bits and pomegranate seeds, with the zesty sumac bringing out all the flavours beautifully.

The almond and flaxseed crackers topped with a fragrant roasted mixture of aubergine, bell peppers, baby marrow, mushroom and onion crumble in the mouth as you enjoy the charred taste.

The star of the salad section is probably the Grilled Spicy Chicken Salad. The chargrilled meaty essence of the fire-roasted romaine lettuce along with the succulent, slightly spicy chicken breast completely take over the senses. Cherry tomatoes, wholegrain croutons and sour cream dressing give the dish a variety of texture.

Although the cold starters and salads are complete meals in themselves, a look at the main course options will make you drool. Lumee’s Kofta Malaban is all about tender parcels of lamb wrapped in golden-brown flatbread, sitting in a creamy base of fresh yogurt, topped with izma salsa and tomato sauce. The Lamb Sliders and Veal Chelo Kabab are probably the moistest meat you’ll have ever bitten into, and the well-marinated Chicken Tikka will grab your attention with its medley of saffron and spice. The Taht El Eish looks like a thick medallion of thin potato slices which, when broken into, divulges slow-cooked lamb and rice – perfect comfort food for the season.

Gluten-free Pistachio Cake is the ideal way to round up your meal. It’s loaded with real pistachio and the rose mascarpone cream gives it a sense
of naughtiness.

What’ll send you straight to sweet heaven is the Saffron-Mango Cheesecake. This is a dessert to die for – dices of fresh mango, crunchy sesame snaps and a centre that’s light and not overwhelmingly sugary sweet.

With the right balance of tradition and fusion on an impressive menu, delightful flavours and a stylish ambience, Lumee ticks all the boxes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

Call 17 694-848.