A Divine Experience at Thai

by BTM

Sat, 04 February 2023

Thai Lounge - The Ritz-Carlton

With their distinct flavours, fresh herbs and creative use of ingredients, Thai cuisine has grown to be a favourite for gastronomes all around the world. This month, Farah Baig feasted on some of the most exceptional offerings at Thai Lounge located at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain.

Being one of the leading hospitality venues in the Kingdom, The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain does nothing by half measures. As part of our gastronomical adventures this month, we had a euphoric dining experience at the scenic Thai Lounge, located by the property’s beach.

One can’t help but admire the stunning décor of Thai Lounge with its exquisite dragon counter which stretches from one end to the other, Far East Asian-inspired décor and options for seating. This coupled with the team’s careful attention to being warm and hospitable, and delightful cuisine make any dining experience at Thai memorable.

Seated at one of the lounge’s tables, we began our dining experience with three impeccable mocktails: Phra Ya Nang, Twisted Coconut and Rose Petal Lemonade. Each was exceptionally refreshing in its own right. 

Thai Lounge at ritz carlton BahrainNext, we were served the Shrimp Lemongrass which consists of deep-fried minced shrimp skewers with stems of lemongrass. It’s no secret that Thai food is known for its extensive use of fresh herbs and it’s clear why – the flavour is unmistakable. The lemongrass adds a burst of citrusy freshness and is even better when paired with the side salad and sweet Thai chilli sauce. The generously filled Vegetable Spring rolls were also a welcome appetiser – hot and crisp. 

Salads are an essential component in Thai cuisine so we looked forward to tucking into the team’s take on Shrimp Salad. An assortment of chopped greens are topped with a generous serving of shrimp and roasted cashews. Finely chopped red chillies, a hint of fresh mint, and a refreshing dressing make it a truly sumptuous salad.

Aside from Thai classics, the lounge offers a range of exceptional sushi made from the very finest of seafood. Every roll is expertly crafted to be a true treat for the eyes and tastebuds. We were presented with the Crispy Hammour – a great option for those who prefer cooked seafood. We enjoyed the mix of textures with the crisp slice of hammour topping the roll and generous drizzle of sauce. You can’t go wrong with the Philadelphia Uramaki which combines fresh salmon with a delicious burst of caviar – just perfect with a hint of wasabi and soy.

The pièce de resistance of our main course was undeniably the Lobster Pad Thai – an essential when dining at Thai Lounge. The plating was stunning with the Pad Thai wrapped in a freshly made omelette and topped with a lobster tail loaded with delicious portions of fried lobster. The flavour of the noodles coupled with the crisp peanuts, a fresh squeeze of lime and luxurious lobster is unmatched. 

Mango Sticky Rice is a sweet finish to any Thai dining experience and this is one you do not want to miss out on. The warm sticky rice perfectly complements the cool mango, while the rich flavour of the creamy coconut and toasted sesame are highly addictive. 

It’s clear that the culinary team expertly weaves flavours with every dish; sweet, salty, spicy, tangy and tart… your tastebuds are ignited. With its opulent interiors, delightful food and upbeat atmosphere, we certainly look forward to our next dining experience at Thai Lounge.