A New Street In Town - Man’oushe Street

by BTM

Sat, 26 May 2018

A New Street In Town - Man’oushe Street

Man’oushe Street, a fast food restaurant serving Middle Eastern street food, will launch this month in Riffa. Established in 2010, Man’oushe Street is a popular eatery serving authentic Arabic street food, which aims to connect tradition with the fast-paced lifestyle of people today.

The outlet offers a wide range of nutritious meals like manakeesh, bureks, wrap sandwiches, pizzas and sweets, prepared by infusing traditional home cooking practices and modern-day innovations for a healthy meal. It is one of the most highly preferred street food options in the UAE and the region.

The restaurant offers healthy, filling meals and aims to reach a target of 26 new stores in the UAE in the next three years.

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