A Taste of Italy

by BTM

Tue, 30 October 2018

A Taste of Italy

There’s a host of new menu options available to tempt your taste buds at Cucina Italiana.

There really is no better way to describe Cucina Italiana than “truly unique”. With an unshakeable passion for the Italian lifestyle from the cuisine to the décor and even the culture, this bistro brings class and style to casual dining. 

New menu items to tuck into for the winter season include:

  • Verdure Alla Milanese – deep-fried vegetable patties served with spicy tomato sauce.
  • Salmone Uovo Guacamole E Insalata – salad with smoked salmon, guacamole and poached egg, served with honey mustard dressing and mayo pesto.
  • Insalata Al Salmone Lenticchie Nere E Uovo In Camicia – chef special salad featuring homemade gravlax salmon with black lentils, roasted chilli walnuts, red and white cabbage and poached egg. Served with a vinaigrette dressing and grated parmesan cheese.
  • Salmone Affumicato E Mascarpone All Aneto – smoked salmon served on savoury pancake with mascarpone cheese, dill leaves and capers in homemade passion fruit sauce and mayo pesto.
  • Chef’s Salad – a refreshing salad of baby rocket leaves, asparagus, herb-crusted croutons tossed with thinly sliced marinated chicken in chef’s special dressing.
  • Risotto Con Pollo E Funghi – creamy risotto rice cooked with mushroom and chicken breast served with caramelised peach and apple sauce.
  • Lasagne Vegetariana – homemade spinach pasta carefully layered over zucchini, potato, eggplant and basil leaves baked with house tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.
  • Pollo Ripieno Alla Parmigiana – parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta cheese-stuffed chicken breast baked in tomato sauce and served over olive oil tossed bow tie pasta and asparagus.
  • Pasta All’avena Con Salmon – homemade oatmeal pappardelle pasta cooked in seafood sauce with a touch of tomato concasse topped with grilled salmon fillet and balsamic caviar.

Cucina Italiana takes great pride in delivering the highest quality menu prepared with only the freshest and finest hand-picked ingredients, making the dishes nothing less than delicious. All dishes are made from fresh vegetables, succulent meat, hand-tossed dough and superior-quality tomato sauce and served with genuine Italian passion, bursting with true flavours of Italy in every mouthful.
Cucina Italiana is a place you can walk into with your family, colleagues and friends – and have a delicious dish of pasta, the finest and tastiest wood-fired pizza, a beverage and a superb premium espresso experience.

 Call 17 001-317.