An Asian Treat!

by BTM

Sun, 07 May 2023

The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel popular Bo.Sabi outlet

The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa’s popular Bo.Sabi outlet has revitalised its menu, making the popular Asian cuisine concept restaurant an even more tantalising treat for our tastebuds. Kristian Harrison checked it out this month and discovered exactly why it will remain a favourite on Bahrain’s dining scene. 

Bo.Sabi is synonymous with a vibrant, atmospheric ambience and great food to match. As we walked through the restaurant doors to be greeted by the friendly staff, we soon realised how it earned that reputation. The outlet is tastefully decorated and has a laid-back, contemporary vibe which is perfect for a night out with friends. Despite pulsating music and a lovely view overlooking the garden and pool, we chose to sit inside with the outlet’s high-ceiling offering perfect mood lighting and on-point cultural art decorations.

After being seated at a large table, we were soon served our starters. Bo.Sabi created a wonderful first impression with its Scallop and Pomelo Salad, with the scallops tasting so fresh I’d believe they were still in the ocean if I didn’t know better – something seafood connoisseurs are sure to appreciate. It was served with a fresh chirizu dressing and perfectly balanced with grated coconut and pine nuts. 

The Caterpillar Maki Roll was an excellent choice for those who appreciate the flavour of spicy salmon with its firm texture. We enjoyed the light flavours of the cucumber, avocado and sweet chili sauce which perfectly complemented the fish. 

After washing down our starters with one of Bo.Sabi’s funky mocktails, of which there is a plethora of fruity flavours, we moved on to colourful platters of Rainbow Rolls and Volcano Maki Rolls. The platters make for an excellent choice when you’d like to sit back, enjoy some banter and savour quintessential Japanese food. While we enjoyed each and every element of the platters, what stood out to us the most was the Volcano Maki which is topped with red tobiko and teriyaki, which adds an interesting tang.

Next up was the Taiwanese Roasted Lamb Shank. It was beautifully cooked and had a (quite literal) sweet touch with its honey, ginger and smoked anise. It was perfectly complemented by the Chinese BBQ Beef Buns, which were even better when dipped in the tangy gravy from the lamb. One of our favourite mains was the Panang Char Kuey Toew which offered a perfect punch of familiar Asian flavours to reinvigorate our palate. The flat noodles were soft and silky and generously coated in a thick XO sauce and choy sum. This was followed by a light Indonesia Prawn Curry which was ladled with jumbo prawns, coconut milk, garden pea and diced potato. It was light and went perfectly with the Khao Phad Phrik, which was basil and chili fried rice with a punch.

Dining at Bo.Sabi in good company easily evokes images of being in a tropical Asian paradise. After our experience, we’re convinced that Bo.Sabi is here to stay as one of Bahrain’s iconic culinary temples.