An Epicurean Adventure

by BTM

Mon, 31 July 2017

An Epicurean Adventure

This popular restaurant has opened its sixth branch – in Amwaj Islands – and it’s bigger and better than ever.

A contemporary, airy space with glass panelling and chic interiors dictates the predominant vibe of Lanterns Gourmet Lounge.

It features a swanky bar, large dining space, an open kitchen, as well as a dessert and buffet counter. The walls of the restaurant are festooned with quirky objects, such as jars of ghee, harees pots and more.

The new branch showcases a riotously flavoursome menu featuring its signature, classic dishes along with international favourites. Curries, tandoori meats, naans and biryanis along with sandwiches, pizza and pasta will keep every palate happy.

Chef Karl Byron, flown in from the UK to head continental menu division, suggested a variety of dishes based on our preferences.

Lunch commenced with Dal Shorba – traditional Indian spiced soup with croutons and lemon. Rich and aromatic, it was the perfect starter to whet our appetite for the next course. 

My dining partner loves grilled sandwiches, so chef Karl suggested the three-cheese melted toastie with aged cheddar, goats’ cheese, brie, spinach, Spanish onion, pomegranate and fig jam. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I read the description but it was pure bliss for my taste buds. I’m not a big fan of sweet and savoury combinations but the ingredients were a harmonious blend and complemented each other perfectly.

The margherita pizza came next, with a tangy tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella and baby basil. The simple toppings are perfect for lunch when you want to avoid the 3pm slump.

The Superfood Salad tasted even better than it looked, with a melange of mixed leaves, roast beetroot, green apple, tomato, chickpeas, quinoa and sunflower seeds. 

While waiting for the mains, I took a walk to further explore the venue. The open kitchen adds plenty of drama to the vibe, and outside garden seating is bound to entice people during the cooler months. 

A simmering pot of Dal Makhani, a concoction of black lentil and kidney beans stirred with cream, butter and spices made its entrance. It was followed by Fish and Chips, a succulent breadcrumb coated fillet of fish with crisp fries and two dips to go along with it.

The dal, irresistibly smooth and tantalising – was paired wonderfully with different naan breads. 

By now, we were both bursting at the seams with the feast, but it would have been a crime to say no to dessert. The lemon meringue tart had contrasting flavours of zesty lemon against the sugariness of the egg whites. They worked very well together. The sticky toffee pudding with homemade salted caramel ice cream is a must-try for anyone with an insatiable sweet tooth.

With an extensive food and drinks menu, delicious desserts and an inviting atmosphere, Lanterns Gourmet Lounge is the perfect place for a romantic evening, a business sit-down or a social gathering.

Call 77 770-055.

Lanterns Gourmet Lounge