An Exceptional Brunch

by BTM

Wed, 04 October 2023

An Exceptional Brunch

The Friday Brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay’s picturesque Bahrain Bay Kitchen is renowned for its upbeat atmosphere and exciting fare. This month, Kristian Harrison was invited to check it out and put it to the taste test.

Brunch is a Bahrain institution and there are none more vibrant, bubbly and bountiful then at the Bahrain Bay Kitchen. Immediately upon arrival, the restaurant made sure to deliver that carefree Friday feeling by focusing on dishing out delicious food, providing constant care and entertaining guests. 

Every whim is answered, keeping smiles glued onto faces and sounds of laughter echoing throughout the chic and airy restaurant. Considering the sheer number of options on offer, can you blame anyone for having the time of their lives?

I was seated nearby the sliding doors that lead onto the breathtakingly beautiful terrace and I used my vantage point to weigh up my options. The problem I always have with brunch is not knowing quite where to delve in. Do I start with the fantastic array of crunchy and crispy salads, or do I plough straight into the delicious carvery?

The answer, surprisingly, was neither. Whilst not my usual choice, I felt like broadening my horizons and so delved headfirst into the extensive sushi section, featuring California Maki, Shredded Crab, Cucumber Rolls and more.

I am glad I did as each piece was packed with a sensation of flavours, especially when paired with a touch of wasabi and soy sauce. The texture was just right and if I didn’t already know I had a review to write and so had to try everything else, I’d have happily just grazed on the sushi all afternoon. 

Alas, the meat corner is what attracted my gaze and so I went over with plate in hand. I piled on the slow roast beef brisket and lamb leg, BBQ sausages and grilled steaks (with jus and mushroom sauce of course!) as well as some BBQ spare ribs which were incredible. Alongside some mashed potato, leafy greens and zesty veggies, it was a feast for the ages.

I didn’t stop there either. For those looking for a touch of local cuisine, there was a Middle Eastern station with a selection of shawarma, an Italian section with pizzas and pastas and an Indian display with a variety of curries and hot naan straight out the oven. The Dahl Makhani in particular was absolutely incredible and worth going back for alone. 

All the while, the friendly team were on hand to bring my choices of beverages, of which there are numerous options to wash the food down with.

As impossible as it seemed, I had to make room for the expansive suite of desserts, always one of the best aspects of brunch. These were simply fantastic too. My personal favourite was the Crème Brûlée, with an amazing crispy surface hiding the creamy goodness underneath. Speaking of the latter, the fruit-laden Panna Cotta was a delight, too.

I also heaped Honey Cakes, Cherry Chocolate Cake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Tiramisu, mousses and more on my plate. I barely had room for the selection of pastries, but I had to try. Had to, for the purposes of informing the public of course!

On the way out, stopping at the chocolate fountain and the ice cream cart for a final helping of sweet goodness and to stomp my feet to the wonderful live duo performing both modern and classic hits, I promised myself I would soon have to come back for more.