Bahrain: A Dream Wedding Destination

by BTM

Sun, 03 November 2019

Bahrain: A Dream Wedding Destination

Your big day is on the horizon and you’re not sure why you should pick Bahrain? Lucky for you we probably have 1001 reasons you should get married in Bahrain, but we won’t list them all out for you.

We know how stressful weddings can be and we’re sure you’re not too fond of being bridezilla either! Besides, this is your special day and that’s how you should feel! Which is why we’ve found a jewel on this island that you will love to be at on your special day.

Ambience: With its 85 guestrooms and 4 villas, Jumeirah Royal Saray is an exclusive resort perfect for entertaining family, friends and loved ones on your special day. The inspired decor of the resort comprises the best materials and unparalleled statement pieces curated from places around the globe. The resort is like a regal Bahraini summer house replete with a coastal feel. The guestrooms are decked in lush tones of nacre, silver shimmer and ocean blue; tones that are emblematic of the renowned Bahraini pearls.


Scenic: Host your guests at the Royal Villas, roam around streets full of traditional and artisan crafts or watch the sunset over the palm trees on the private beach. Rest, socialise and make memories at this exotic retreat.

Location: Plan your wedding in the luxury of a beautiful island, majestically surrounded by the Arabian sea. Combining modern architecture and Bahraini inspirations, Jumeirah Royal Saray is the perfect venue to hold outstanding events in unique surroundings.

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Professionalism: Their dedicated events team will always make sure your day goes as planned and help you create unforgettable memories. Their incomparable service, professional equipment and state-of-the-art furnishings, allow you to personalise each and every occasion. 

So no matter your requirement or dilemma, consider Jumeirah Royal Saray for your wedding this festive season.