Bahrain, Enjoy the Best of French Cuisine at Go Bistro by La Table Krug!

by BTM

Wed, 20 September 2023

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain’s 14 lounges and restaurants never fail to impress diners in the Kingdom. Farah Baig discovers the hotel’s pop-up restaurant, Go Bistro, which serves heavenly French food right here in Bahrain.

Over the years I have had the privilege of dining at some of the very best restaurants across the Kingdom, and with each experience the hypothetical bar has been raised even higher. This month, I wished to savour the unique flavours that could only be found at a carefully curated dining venue – the sort of experience that you can expect at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain.

Nestled just by The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain’s marina is Go Bistro by La Table Krug, a unique pop-up concept which serves up divine French cuisine. The bistro is nestled in the hotel’s transformative space which has been home to several successful pop-up concepts. We had a quick and enjoyable ride to the restaurant on one of the club cars and were thrilled to take in the spectacular setting.

The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain’s After being seated at one of the tables and briefed on the concept, we were presented with an avocado-based amuse bouche which changes from time to time. A pleasant surprise for diners. This was followed by a basket of freshly baked bread accompanied with butter and flaky sea salt. The mini baguettes and unmistakable mushroom cake, with a generous spread of butter, served as a delightful start to the experience.

We were soon served two entrees: Poulpe Grillé, Salade de Tomates and Tartare de Saumon. These were a treat for the eyes and the palate too. The Poulpe Grillé boasts a delightful combination of tender and firm textures. The meat was supremely tender with a harmonious fusion of smokiness, umami, and natural sweetness while the outside was slightly charred, adding an appetizing visual appeal to the overall presentation. We relished each bite with some delicious chimichurri, rich butter garlic sauce and the fresh tomato salad. Tangy pickled onions served as a flavourful surprise. The Salmon Tartare, too, was phenomenal with the right balance of Scottish Salmon, dill, avocado slices and a tangy citrus dressing. Glistening pearls of caviar and saffron tulle added exciting full-bodied flavours to this dish. It was melt-in-the-mouth perfection.

The experience had already impressed us but we were in for a treat as Chef de Cuisine, Alexis Knecht, who specialises in extraordinary Provencal cuisine, and his culinary team rolled up their sleeves and plated the mains. Three distinct mains: Gambas À L’armoricaine, Risotto Aux Champignons and Suprême De Poulet Au Foie Gras, would soon be ready to entice us.

First came the phenomenal Gambas À L’armoricaine which combines delicious tiger prawns, bisque, rosemary and gnocchi. Following a generous pour of the flavourful bisque, the plate was a colourful work of art as for the eyes and the tastebuds too. The luxurious prawns along with the pillowy-soft gnocchi was just sensational.

Next came the Suprême De Poulet Au Foie Gras a layered dish which consists of supreme chicken, a generous slice of foie gras, mushroom tartine and potato puree. The aroma of this dish alone was enchanting with the distinctive scent of truffle but the intricate layers of flavours were near addictive. The chicken is flawlessy cooked, and goes beautifully with the foie gras and mushroom tartine. It’s one of those dishes that effectively demonstrates the culinary team’s gastronomical prowess. You just know you’d want to savour it again, and find yourself craving it soon after your meal is over.

If I had to pick just one word to describe the Risotto Aux Champignons, it would be this – authentic. The plate is enriched with the finest of field mushrooms and mascarpone cheese making each spoonful just creamy goodness.

As we waited for our dessert, we sipped on a handcrafted Bistronomique mocktail and admired the restaurant’s elegance. The space is dimly lit and decorated with eclectic artwork, and velvet and gold accents. Everything about it, including the gentle music in the background, makes it the ideal setting for a family dinner, catch up or a date with its beautiful ambiance. In fact, the team has effectively created an elevated French bistro (with a twist!) on the island. Close your eyes and you are right there… in France.

We enjoyed two intricate sweet creations with full bodied flavours: Mousse Au Chocolat and Crème Brûlée. The dark chocolate mousse was truly remarkable but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the Crème Brûlée. The audible crack of its almond pistachio biscotti was music to my ears, and I relished its many textures and different layers of sweetness.

I have to mention the restaurant’s wonderful hospitality team that made this a truly memorable night with their impeccable service and genuine warmth. The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain prides itself in curating phenomenal dining experiences for visitors, and this experience in particular lived up to the expectations of being upscale. This was certainly a bistronomique experience that I enjoyed, and one that you will too. I’ll certainly be returning with even more company.  

For reservations, call 17 586-499. For updates and more information, follow www.instagram.com/ltkbah.