Breaking Fast at The K Hotel - Liz O’Reilly

by BTM

Mon, 31 December 2018

Breaking Fast at The K Hotel - Liz O’Reilly

A chef who understands the concept of eggs over-easy – ie “flipped just long enough to solidify the white, leaving the yolk runny for toast dipping, rather than bullet hard” – seems to be a rare find amongst all the culinary geniuses on this island. So, a trip round the corner for a breakfast meeting at The K Hotel was a welcome revelation; my only concern being that the said eggs were on my companion’s plate rather than mine. Not to worry though, my own choise of eggs, scrambled with onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheese, were equally delicious in their fluffy, gooey yumminess. 

In fact, the whole buffet, which includes something to satisfy just about every palate, including 11 different varieties of cheese, a huge and infinitely tempting selection of croissants, breads and pastries and some dishes you might expect to find as main courses at dinner, was impressive all round.

Not surprisingly, I didn’t have room to try it all. But at just BD5 per person, that’s the perfect excuse for a return visit soon.

 Call 17 360-000.