Business Lunch Review: Primavera at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain

by BTM

Tue, 11 October 2022

Italian restaurant Primavera at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain

This month, Kristian Harrison devoured their phenomenal business lunch.

Nothing screams ‘Italy’ like fast cars, classical art and incredible gastronomy. When it comes to Italian cuisine, there are a number of restaurants in Bahrain to choose from but for an authentic and extraordinary experience Primavera at The Ritz-Carlton Bahrain takes the cake… or should that be the tiramisu?

Located at the Ritz-Carlton Bahrain, the quaint outlet has a new business lunch that is just as appealing to the palate as it is to your wallet, with three delicious courses for BD25 net and an extensive choice of options.

Featuring gorgeous views of the hotel’s beach and the deep blue sea on one side and Bahrain’s iconic skyline on the other, Primavera is a beautiful location with interiors that merge the classical and the contemporary. It’s a view that deserves to be enjoyed in daylight as much as the night time, so it’s one of the many reasons why the business lunch is a great idea. Of course, the hugely varied dishes made from the finest and freshest products is another.

The three-course business lunch menu offers four choices each for the starter, main course and dessert. Bread and olive oil dip is also served beforehand by the friendly, affable staff at the restaurant. The menu is quintessentially Italian with a mixture of light and tasty mixed with stylish takes on the classics we know and love.

I started with a delicious Minestrone soup, packed with flavour and more importantly, a plethora of healthy vegetables such as zucchini, broccoli, tomato, cauliflower and potato.

I also sampled the Zuppa a Frutti di Mare, labelled as a local fresh seafood soup. Now, I usually try and avoid anything that comes out of the sea but even I must admit that the few sips I had were delectable. The freshness of the shrimp and combination of flavours were a delight.

For the purposes of this review, I got to sample a few of the main courses and I wasn’t disappointed! I plumped for the Rigatoni alla Bolognese, featuring thick tubes of pasta filled with an incredible meaty sauce packed with flavour. This dish was so decadent that I wish I’d just ordered three courses of that.

Another highlight was the rich yet delicate Risotto ai Funghi that kept me salivating until the Pollo Arrosto arrived, which was a simply glorious half debone roast chicken with vegetables and mashed potato. The skin was so crispy yet the meat so tender – a clear indication of the exceptional skills of the culinary team.

Even after all that food, I still had a little room left for dessert and the tempting Tiramisu capped off a spectacular meal. Featuring just the right amount of sweet mascarpone cream to offset the bitterness of the coffee, this was simply magnifico! Of course, our table being peppered with ice cream and sorbets from vanilla to raspberry to lemon and pistachio certainly helped it go down!

The food, company and views were so fantastic that I will certainly be returning once the weather cools down so I can make use of the stunning terrace dining area. It’s a more informal setting and overlooks the gorgeous wide landscaped gardens of the resort which gets you in the moment even more.

Primavera’s business lunch is available Wednesday-Thursday and Sunday-Monday from 12.30pm-2.30pm. For reservations, call 17 586-499.