Café Desire - Craving For Success

by BTM

Mon, 02 March 2020

cafe desire bahrain

A cup of tea or coffee often leaves you wanting more; and for Café Desire it’s a measure of success when you look forward to another sip.

Café Desire was established in 1999 and is the fastest growing coffee and tea-vending brand in India with a global presence in more than 21 countries.

The company abides by an ideology of conducting business ethically with its employees striving for overall commitment. Awarded the title of ‘Asia’s Most Trusted Brand,’ Café Desire promises high-quality beverages and handpicked natural ingredients.

As part of its services Café Desire installs coffee and tea vending machines at various locations, supplies beverage mixes and extends service for those machines. The vending machines have become a beacon for offices, clinics, schools, cafeterias, food trucks and salons everywhere.

Right from its inception, Café Desire has envisioned itself to be a different kind of brand and company, fuelling its customers with stimulating coffee and tea, gearing them for success – thus coining the company’s tag line ‘I drink success’.

Master Productions for Advance Computer Hardware is the local dealer for Café Desire.

Call 39 904-707 / 17 401-204 or visit www.cafedesire.global