Delicious Fare with a Creative Flair

by BTM

Thu, 02 November 2017

Delicious Fare with a Creative Flair

Located at the Bahrain World Trade Centre, this eatery serves imaginative Japanese cuisine with a Mediterranean twist.

Maki Bahrain has been wowing foodies with its innovative Japanese fusion food with cleverly combined ingredients – Salmon Tataki with Zaatar, Trio Salad with hints of tabbouleh, Vegetable Kale Maki with extra virgin olive oil, and Shishito (Padron) Peppers with both extra virgin olive oil and zaatar.

Since its inception in Kuwait in the early 2000s, Maki has impressed gourmands with staple imaginative dishes such as Tara Maki, Fusion Temaki and Tartufo Yaki Udon. Take the Fusion Temaki, for example. Maki’s co-founders Oliver and Amer have transformed a traditional Japanese (hand-held) roll into something sublime, substituting rice with fresh, tasty vegetables, the seaweed wrap with a soy bean one, along with crispy shrimp tempura and the Maki special spicy sauce.

Forward to 2017, Maki’s focus is on presenting its customers with healthy, inspired and delicious dishes, such as the Salmon Tataki with Zaatar. The combination of fresh salmon tataki sashimi, served with freshly cut vegetables, asparagus, cherry tomatoes and onions, with Maki’s special Asian sesame dressing, is kicked up several notches by the clever introduction of zaatar spice.

The Trio Salad comprises diced eggplants with a zesty tataki sauce, spinach with a tangy sesame sauce, and a ‘not-your-typical’ wakame salad with hints of tabblouleh ingredients. “This has been a winner with our guests,” says co-founder Amer Zeitoun, who champions sumptuous vegetarian options.

Another fantastic menu addition includes the Vegetable Kale Maki, which boasts delectable ingredients such as spinach wrap, kale leaves, cucumber, carrot, avocado, iceberg lettuce, wild thyme and togarashi, all drizzled with Maki’s special extra virgin olive oil mixture.

Make your reservations to enjoy these brilliantly prepared introductions to the menu.

Call 17 522-733, 36 999-102 or email [email protected]