Deliciously Artistic

by BTM

Fri, 01 September 2017

Deliciously Artistic

Innovative cuisine in stylish surroundings defines the experience at this welcoming restaurant in Adliya.

With colourful patterned tiles and sophisticated décor, Gallery Café is a stylish space oozing millennial chic elegance. The minimalist furniture, bright yet low key chandeliers, floor-to-ceiling windows and wooden flourishes lend the space a sleek, upbeat ambience. Quirky framed artworks and greenery only add to its charm.

The eatery’s recently revamped, inventive menu features new and classic dishes with a gourmet spin. It boasts a wide array of sandwiches, salads, mains and desserts, leaving you spoilt for choice.

A counter of freshly baked goods and sweet treats faces the dining area. The in-house bakery also makes gluten-free bread and customisable cakes for all occasions. The samples on display looked like they were fit to be featured on the The Great British Bake Off series.

Chef Marwan Slim and his talented team take care of all the operations and, after a short discussion with him, we were ready to embark on an epicurean voyage.

Grilled halloumi and quinoa salad tossed with avocado, pomegranate and leafy greens with a sweet onion citrus dressing tasted as refreshing as it sounds. The zesty tang of citrus synchronised well with the fruity sweetness.

A wooden board loaded with halloumi and labneh guacamole wrap accompanied by fries arrived next. The creamy spread with the crispy saj bread was a delight for the palate and a meal on its own.

The new menu items make dining a fun and exciting activity. I say this because the next dish, the Art Trio Sliders, consisted of colourcoded buns (food dyes derived from turmeric and beetroot) according to the filling – fish, beef or chicken. This is a great entrée or snack, ideal for sharing by two people.

The efficiency of the staff was commendable. They were attentive yet not imposing. I looked around to notice the place flooded in natural light, a rarity in Bahrain. If you like the sun but hate the sweltering heat that comes with it, this is the perfect place for you.

The main courses began with the arrival of the oven-seared beef tenderloin alongside truffle mash and baby veggies. Herbed bread crumbs on top of the steak in shades of green and gold was a treat for the eyes. The meat was tender and juicy, cooked medium-rare to perfection. It was a fast-favourite and was polished off in minutes.

The Gallery Burger was made up of pure Wagyu beef, duck fat potato confit, poached and fried egg, cheddar cheese, Béarnaise and truffle sauce. The winning feature was the bun, smooth and black as the night. Edible bamboo charcoal powder, which has a sweet vanillalike taste, was infused into the dough. By this time, we were quite full as the portion was generous. Burger enthusiasts are sure to enjoy this one.

For dessert, we chose the Chocolate Lava – a fondant cake with a liquid chocolate filling and ice cream. The presentation looked like art, with the homemade gelato in vanilla and mastic complementing the rich flavour.

The café is a breath of fresh air in the busy neighbourhood of Adliya, offering tantalising food and beverages to please all palates.

Call 17 711-600.

Gallery Café