El Chapo - It’s a whole vibe!

by BTM

Sun, 06 November 2022

El Chapo Restaurants in Block 338

Despite being a fairly new establishment in the vibrant block 338, having opened its doors in October 2021, El Chapo is now one of the most highly recommended venues in the area. 

The Mexican restaurant and lounge has created a truly special experience for party-goers in the Kingdom which is spread across three floors. While most venues have a fairly unassuming approach, the first floor of El Chapo sets the tone for the experience to come; a massive ball pit, decorated booths to capture the most Instagram-worthy moments and even an arcade style game to capture prizes are sure to get you, your family and friends in the best mood! 

On the second floor you’ll discover their incredibly eclectic décor - walls adorned with painted skulls, cool neon lighting, Mexican themed paintings and industrial style furniture and accessories that make El Chapo particularly memorable. Their stunning rooftop lounge allows you to enjoy unique views of the city and soak up the good weather on cooler days. 

El Chapo at block 338The team does nothing by half measures, so you’re sure to enjoy the amazing entertainment they have in store for you which includes acrobatic performers, dancers, a resident DJ and even saxophonists and bongo players on occasion. You can also enjoy amazing brunches, theme nights and more. They know how to party!  

While it’s all fun and games at El Chapo, there is one thing they take very very seriously: their food. While you can enjoy several Mexican favourites like nachos, tacos, fajitas and quesadillas, you can also sink your teeth into delicious steaks, desserts and other favourites. We admittedly love their massive Mexican Lollipops, shrimp ceviche and incredibly tender beef short ribs – just phenomenal. 

There are several reasons why El Chapo has enjoyed phenomenal success, but if we had to boil it down to one, it would be that its vibe. So put on your finest clothes, put on your dancing shoes and bring your best dance moves for a time you won’t forget! 

With good food, a great venue and awesome company, you’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time at El Chapo!

Be sure to follow @elchapo.bh on Instagram for updates. Call 37 738-838 for more information.