Exploring Block 338: Where to dine, dance and grab a drink

by BTM

Sat, 12 November 2022

bahrain best restaurants in block 338

From stalwarts of the area to newcomers, there’s always something new and exciting to be discovered within the favoured location of Adliya’s Block 338. We share some of the most exciting and loved venues in and around the area.

it’s no secret that Adliya’s busy Block 338, and surrounding area, is almost always the answer when you’re looking for dining venues or entertainment in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Whether you’re planning a cosy breakfast, catch up over lunch or elegant fine dining experience, Block 338 is the place to be for foodies. The area has a diverse range of restaurants, patisseries, al fresco venues, casual eateries and more making it synonymous with some of the best dining options on the island. 

 bahrain best restaurants in block 338With everything from a shawarma lane through to speciality restaurants serving unique cuisines, you’ll find casual eats through to degustation menus that take you around the world. It’s only in Block 338 that you can walk from street to street and find all sorts of cuisines including Irish, Nikkei, Japanese, French, Fusion Arabic, Turkish and Korean too! 

The myriad buzzing nightlife and entertainment venues have turned the block into a meeting point for the Kingdom’s socialites and party-goers. In fact, Adliya even has a thriving electronic dance music scene that will have you on your feet every day of the week. The best part is that these venues have not only attracted international entertainers, but fostered an environment where local and Bahrain-based talent can bring attention to their fine-tuned skills and build a fan-following. 

 block 338 bahrain restaurantsThen there’s the other side of entertainment. Live bands, independent musicians, dancers and more take things to another level with curated shows. For busy nights out, be sure to make use of the many paid parking options in and around the area, and to party responsibly!

You can stay up to date with our guide to Block 338 online to keep up with the thriving scene that’s constantly evolving.