Food at Your Fingertips | TALABAT

by BTM

Fri, 02 March 2018

Food at Your Fingertips | TALABAT

Life is easier when this popular online food ordering company caters to all your delivery needs.

Are hunger pangs not letting you focus at work? Is it too late to whip up dinner at home? Well, there’s no reason any more to worry about how you are going to get your next meal, thanks to Talabat. This online food ordering platform is a convenient companion for your fast-paced lifestyle, helping you to better juggle your everyday schedule. With just a few taps on your smart device or desktop, you can access the largest selection of cuisines and eateries in Bahrain, and satisfy your cravings for the type of food you want to eat. To quickly quieten your rumbling stomach, an order can be placed for immediate delivery, or you can schedule one for later, while being able to modify your selection to ensure it suits your preferences. Whether you are looking for healthy food items, local cuisines, or exotic fare, Talabat has a plethora of options to satisfy your taste buds. Payment can be made online, or in cash upon delivery of your food.
Talabat is a true homegrown success story, and a shining example for business start-ups in the Middle East. Over a decade ago, a small group of entrepreneurs launched Talabat in Kuwait. The aim was to create an online food ordering service that gives people access to restaurants in an easy and efficient manner, all from the ease of their home or office. With just a few clicks on the screen, customers could easily order food to be delivered to their location, from a wide variety of restaurants, ranging from global franchises to local concepts. What started as a vision soon turned into a reality and Talabat’s success grew beyond Kuwait and expanded to the rest of the GCC region as well as Jordan.


In 2015, Talabat became part of Delivery Hero, the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplace. Fast-forward to 2017, Talabat became the largest and most popular food ordering app in the region, connecting users to more than 4,000 restaurants that cater to all palates. “Talabat links restaurants with customers through its platform, offering a win-win solution to both hungry customers and great restaurants, staying true to the brand promise of bringing an amazing takeaway experience,” says Talabat CEO Abdulhamid Alomar.

The company has been quelling Bahrain’s hunger from the time it has launched here in 2012, and has been providing a fantastic online food ordering experience ever since. New services have been recently added to the market, such as Talabat GO, the company’s own delivery fleet, bringing a faster and trackable ordering experience to its customers.

Visit www.talabat.com/bahrain or download the Talabat App on iOS and Android devices.