From London with Love | Maki

by BTM

Fri, 02 March 2018

From London with Love | Maki

Savour exciting new additions from this award-winning restaurant’s London branch, that are sure to garner the same acclaim from critics and guests here on the island.

Maki Bahrain introduces five new dishes, which were recently launched at its outpost in London. Enter the 4-Pleasures Maki – as the name suggests, guests will be able to experience four incredible flavours, which are bound to linger in their minds and hearts. This exquisite dish features one maki roll, combining o-toro bluefin tuna, Wagyu beef, foie gras and eel. And if that’s not enough to tantalise your palates, this wonderfully constructed roll is presented in a soy bean wrap, drizzled with several tasty toppings.
“We constantly strive to innovate and create new, unique experiences for our loyal fans,” says Maki co-founder and managing partner Amer Zeitoun. “This is at the heart of what we do, and there is a lot of care and love that goes into it.” 

Another great example is the creation of the Matcha Yaki Udon. Hand-made in the restaurant’s kitchen, and blended with natural green tea powder, this inventive dish comprises Moroccan truffles, white truffle oil and shitake mushrooms – a noodle-lover’s paradise.

The other three dishes that were successfully launched in London and have made their way to Maki Bahrain are Grilled Baby Chicken, Uni (sea urchin) Truffle Gunkan Sushi and Filo Ebi (shrimp) Tempura Shots. Out of these, the first is, by far, one of the most delectable chicken dishes you’ll ever taste. Grilled to perfection and topped with yuzu (Japanese citrus) zest, it comes with a secret, tangy, mouthwatering sauce.
Enjoy any of these dishes by booking your table at Maki Bahrain.

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