Gastronomic Gala

by BTM

Sun, 04 June 2017

Gastronomic Gala

Enjoy delectable culinary offerings, enchanting live entertainment and an alluring atmosphere at this Arabic speciality restaurant.

Serving rich, Arabic cuisine, Pashawat at the Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa is known for its delectable Lebanese and Persian fare. 

Enveloped in shades of deep blush and mauve with the fusion of contemporary and traditional elements, the eclectic interior grabs your attention as soon as you enter.

The brightly coloured, plush furniture and stained-glass lamps hanging from the ceiling will momentarily leave you in awe. 

Yasser, the restaurant supervisor, escorted my dining partner and I to our table – a sofa seat facing the stage. Live entertainment was set to begin in an hour. Being nearly empty when we first arrived, the place was rapidly filling up with guests, paying testament to its popularity among the Arab diaspora. 

A plate of vegetables was placed on our table to munch on while we waited for the first course. Within five minutes, an impressive range of beautifully presented cold meze dishes arrived. Assorted Arabic pickles, tabouleh, fattoush, stuffed vine leaves, hummus, moutabel, mouhamara, green beans with oil, burghul wheat, labneh, armaniyeh, Oriental salad with feta cheese and a tuna dip comprised the mouthwatering enticements. 

Yasser returned with two of the chefs from the kitchen who ardently explained the genesis of each recipe and the ingredients. My favourites were the labneh, fattoush salad and burghul. 

The second course consisted of hot meze – kibbeh, spinach and cheese fatayer, potato rolls, chicken wings, makanek, fish tagine and falafel. With such generous portions and equally great variety, the meal was definitely designed for hearty eaters and bigger groups.

The meat in the kibbeh was tender and well seasoned, and the falafel was crispy and fresh. It was difficult to choose a favourite because they were all top-notch eats.

The staff are attentive but not overbearing. A duo graced the stage and enthralled the crowd with their musical prowess, singing and playing instruments whilst interacting with diners.

Our main course consisted of two colossal platters of fish and meat. The first had Gulf shrimps and hammour fillet grilled over charcoal, served with coriander sauce and traditional entakli bread. The shrimp had a smoky taste, soft and creamy on the palate, and the fish was delectably tender. 

The mixed grill platter was a meat lover’s dream, a combination of meat brochettes, shish tawook, kebabs, lamb chops and more served with bread. By this time, we were absolutely bursting at the seams. My dining companion and I were quite full but we couldn’t help but try a bit of everything before ordering a doggie bag for the copious leftovers.

Dessert consisted of freshly sliced seasonal fruits, mohalabia, ma’amoul dates and warbat, baklawa and basbousa. It gave me a sugar rush. What a sweet end!

Pashawat is the perfect spot to dine while gathering with your friends for good conversation. The service is one to be marvelled at and the sheer variety of dishes is enough to make even the pickiest eater happy. The set menu is priced at BD17++ or BD19++ depending on your choices. 

Pashawat serves a lavish four-course set menu without skinning your wallet, open from Monday to Friday. The restaurant will be closed for Ramadan but will open during Eid.

During the Holy Month, the Layali Al Zallaq Tent invites you to try wonderful food and service. Perched by the sea, take in views of the glorious sunset as you begin with Iftar or the star-speckled ceiling at a Ghabga, both priced at BD19++ per person.

 Call 17 636-363.

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