Good Food on the Go

by BTM

Fri, 04 September 2020

Good Food on the Go

Bahrain This Month tells you about 5 of our favourite food trucks that you absolutely need to try.

Senor Churros 
Dessert in any shape, size or form is a big, giant ‘YES’ for us. However, one thing we’re really glad has made its way to Bahrain is the deliciously warm, crunchy yet soft delight that is churros! Senor Churros now has a food truck in Sanad on Estiqlal Avenue -which is quickly becoming a hub for food trucks in the Kingdom. They serve their classic churros in different sizes to be dipped or stuffed with a variety of mouth-watering sauces including salted caramel, kinder, pistachio and Nutella. There’s nothing quite like a warm churro dipped in Nutella to fix a bad day, mend a broken heart or just put you in a good mood. 
Check out @sr.churros­_bh on Instagram for more information.

Establlished in 2018 by two Bahraini women: Aysha Buali and Mariam Habib, StrEat offers a range of mouth-watering food truck favourites including burgers, sliders, brisket, hot dogs and loaded fries. If you plan on popping by you definitely need to give the succulent Knockout a try. It’s loaded with brisket that has been steadily slow cooked for 4 hours, served with cheese, StrEat sauce and jalapenos on toast.
To visit StrEat, be sure to check out their Instagram regularly for location updates.
Check out @streat.bh on Instagram for more information.

Dutch Chips 
Who doesn’t love a good plate of fries? Well, now with Dutch Chips, you can enjoy a cone of classic Dutch Street fries from 5 pm to midnight daily. The food truck, located on Estiqlal Avenue, serves up fries in different sizes loaded up with a range of delicious sauces and toppings. 
For your sauces you can choose the classic: ketchup or mayo, or get creative with flavourful sauces like garlic aioli, smoky BBQ, creamy French, honey mustard and Belgian peppers. If you need the thrill of a spicy sauce, you can opt for the Dutch Hot, or the even spicier Dynamite Explosion. Top your cone of fries with toppings including cheddar cheese, jalapenos, olives, crunchy nachos, blazing Cheetos, Chips Oman of chili flakes. It’s important that you remember they do not take orders in advance to keep things fresh.
Check out @dutchips.bh on Instagram for more information.

The Fruit Guys 
One unique food truck that has popped onto Bahrain’s food scene is The Fruit Guys! It’s the perfect stop if you want to end things on a sweet, yet healthy note. They serve a variety of freshly chopped fruit including mango, watermelon, sweet melon, pineapple, pomegranate and more in a range of sizes. They also serve a couple of desserts including mini pancakes topped with chocolate or can top off any of your fruit selections with some decadent chocolate sauce. One of the most interesting things that they offer is their fruit bouquets, which could include chocolate-dipped strawberries, or literal fruit cakes which are the perfect alternative to your standard birthday cakes. If you do opt for a fruit bouquet or fruit cake, remember to place your order early in the day or the previous day. 
Check out @thefruitguysbh on Instagram for more information.

Umai Tori 
This unique food truck, located in Sanad, has quickly become the talk of the town with people lining up in their cars to give it a try. What makes Umai Tori so unique? The brainchild of Mohamed Ahmed Alkowari serves a variety of Japanese and Asian inspired soft-serves which are a spinoff from his frequent travels. We were delighted to give one of their signature flavours -Hokaido Milk aside from their Aomori Apple and Tomita Lavender a try. Other interesting flavours include the Yoshino Sakura and Enoshima Sea Salt. With a range of flavours that are in rotation (day to day), you’re sure to head back for another unique explosion of flavour.
Check out @umaitoribh on Instagram for more information.