Hidden Gems at Lanterns!

by BTM

Thu, 28 April 2022

Hidden Gems at Lanterns!

When you think of a relaxing ambience and tasty Indian food, Lanterns Restaurant immediately comes to mind. However, unbeknownst to many, the outlet features a number of hidden gems from around the world on its menu which are just as delicious. Bahrain This Month was invited to sample some of them and soak in the atmosphere of the popular Adliya spot.

You are undoubtedly in for a treat when you stroll into the familiar surroundings of Lanterns. When asked to do a review, I jumped at the chance to reacquaint myself with their cuisine, not realising that I would be in for a surprise as I would be pushed out of my comfort zone to try some of the outlet’s lesser-known but equally-fantastic offerings.

Did you know, for example, that Lanterns has a plethora of Thai options? Me neither! Opting for the element of surprise as the welcoming, friendly staff brought out delicacies from their conveyor belt of mystery, it was exciting to see what would be coming first.

Alas, I started off light with the colourful Spring Asian Salad. What made this so special was the inclusion of Edamame, one of my favourite snacks in the world, which complemented the green leaves, bean sprouts, red lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

The main courses, which were soon served at my table, were a very welcome sight as I was feeling particularly ravenous. I’m not usually a big seafood lover, but I was swayed by the fresh Goan Mussels with its creamy gravy with its coconut and garlic base. There is little satisfaction in life like dipping a piping hot bread into a sauce, and the flavours really complemented each other. 

Next up was something much more down my alley – Lamb Shank Biryani! The meat was tender and succulent, and coupled with the rice it was really aromatic. This was an impressive fusion between Indian and Arabic food.

It wouldn’t be Lanterns without a curry of some sort, and the Tarri Wali Chicken Curry with Pilao Rice delivered with aplomb. The gravy was rich with flavour and the spices really tasted authentic, indicative of the team’s dedication to not cut corners and source the finest ingredients. The chicken couldn’t have been cooked better either, just the right level of tenderness.  

After the curry, I was yearning for something more solid and the Angus Beef Bites delivered. As far as finger foods go, you can’t go wrong with seasoned cubes of steak! 

Finally, the Assorted Dumplings were served in a very cute wooden basket and were packed with such a plethora of fillings and flavours that I’d cover the word count listing them all. To my surprise, the prawn offering stood out to me as a particular highlight, and considering so many outlets get dumplings very wrong, it was a relief that Lanterns knew just how soft and moist they needed to be.

Overall, considering Lanterns is one of my favourite restaurants, this excursion really highlighted how linear my vision usually is when it comes to the menu! It taught me a lesson that I really need to branch out more and explore the hidden delights offered by a creative culinary team, because the selection was truly fantastic.