Hidden Gems in Bahrain - Darseen Café

by BTM

Mon, 30 July 2018

Hidden Gems in Bahrain - Darseen Café

Primus inter pares is the Latin term for “first among equals” – Darseen Café is right at the front of our Hidden Gems in the Bahrain jewel collection.

Breakfast, lunch or early dinner – this restaurant really is a winner. Situated inside the Bahrain National Museum, it is their best-kept treasure. Fantastic seating – indoors, outdoors, formal, comfort, coffee shop style or café style – this restaurant offers it all. Amazing décor, a stunning environment and the opportunity to turn a friendly coffee or a meal into an outing, and an educational visit all in one. Not only that – buy a ticket at the door on the way in for ‘The Boat Ride’ for just BD1 – you will be enthralled, delighted and excited – before you’ve even ordered the food! 

You also have eight outstanding museum halls and displays to visit for just BD1 as well – talk about value! It’s easy to get to on its own road, with a great entrance, plenty of covered parking, a wonderful outing and the most incredible value for money imaginable. This secluded café offers some of the best ambience and food in Bahrain – prepared by Bassam, the Bahraini chef, who will surpass your expectations on what he conjures up in the immaculate kitchen area. Great staff and pleasant service – unbeatable!
Go once – you won’t stop going back. A real hidden gem!

Opens daily from 7.30am to 7.30pm, except Fridays from 9am to 5.30pm.

Call 77 336-600.