Howdy - Where the Sun Don’t Set

by BTM

Sun, 06 November 2022

Block 338 restaurants Howdy

Giddy up, cowboy! HOWDY is packed with distractions and you certainly can’t miss this rollickin’ fun establishment as you head to the Kingdom’s most well-known dining area, Block 338 in Adliya. 

Stroll past its stunning giant mural of a cowgirl on a rearing horse painting and be instantly transported all the way back to the Wild Wild West. When you walk in there’s an even more impressive sight where the imposing figure of Clint Eastwood with his fistful of dollars glaring down from the wall, completing his look with his iconic poncho and nonplussed expression set against a desert backdrop that is somehow unmistakably Texas.

Howdy starts with its first floor atmosphere which brings you the feeling of home. Here, you can grab a chilled drink of your choice and platter full of its well-known assorted chicken wings marinated with brown sugar, homemade spices and aged fortified beverage, smoked in apple wood and finished on the charcoal grill while you enjoy live entertainment. Jam and dance along while they play a mix of old school country and new age Western favourites all night long.

If this doesn’t grab your attention then you can always try the rooftop, featuring some of the coolest vibes in town. Indulge in a variety of signature mixed beverages, plus your usual selected ones accompanied by finger-licking appetisers.

Entertainment is the name of the game as top resident DJs spin mixes to suit your current vibe and the beats mean you can’t help but step into the dance floor all night long. 

Howdy’s most-liked specialities is the lamb chopsWhen it comes to food, one of Howdy’s most-liked specialities is the lamb chops with grilled eggplant which has a mix of garlic, onion, paprika and Asian spice. The lamb is soft, tender and pink while the eggplant mix complements the taste of the meat and is also served alongside a generous side of homemade mashed potatoes. 

Of course, in keeping with Howdy’s Western roots, you cannot miss the absolutely delicious baby back ribs that are smoked in apple wood and served with ale bread, roasted baby potatoes and honey mustard slaw – you can almost hear the crackling of the camp fire at the sight of them.

Howdy hosts numerous special events and is well-known both: for its midweek specials and its Friday brunches, so get yourself down to Block 338 in Adliya to check out the latest dishes and inventions made just for your palate.

For updates, follow @howdy_bh or call 66 311-282 or 39 245-028.