Maki - Namesake Speciality Salads Aim to Please!

by BTM

Mon, 01 July 2019

Maki - Namesake Speciality Salads Aim to Please!

What is better than a ‘cooling’ summer salad full of fresh, exotic vegetables and other exquisite ingredients? In this scorching heat, we would say nothing. 

From the Oliver Maki Salad, to the Marina Salad, to the Moda Salad, and the Avenues Salad, Maki’s speciality salads surely aim to please every palate.

Founded in Kuwait, in 2002, Maki has been a leader in its domain, and a destination for gourmands searching for the latest trends in contemporary Japanese cuisine. Maki’s advantage over its competitors? It is the level of hard work and imagination which goes into every single dish that is conceived by the founders M. Oliver and Amer Zeitoun, along with a group of highly-skilled chefs who are very well-versed in their trade.

The concept that brought extra virgin olive oil, Moroccan truffles, balsamic vinegar, wild thyme, fresh zaatar spices, and a host of other non-typical ingredients into Japanese cuisine, is the same concept which brought you acclaimed dishes such as Chaine Forest Haze Salad, Sushi Symphony, Mount Fuji Maki and Terrarium Matcha Tiramisu.

“As for our salads, Maki’s founders and chefs have experimented with numerous exotic ingredients, attended several industry courses and researched multiple food pairings before introducing some of the most ‘coveted’ salads to our returning and happy guests,” comments chef Adrian Sheddan, senior Maki Group Kitchen Manager and long-standing kitchen team member.

So, what are namesake salads at Maki we asked? Well, several of these salads are named after the Maki locations where these salads were inspired or created by a collaborative team effort. Take the Moda Salad, for example. Torch-flamed mixed exotic fresh mushrooms and goat cheese, greens, herbs, Japanese Kizame Ume with a special exotic oil mixture and balsamic vinegar comprise the cooling ingredients of this Maki specialty. This salad owes its namesake to Maki Bahrain at Moda Mall, where it was originally conceived by co-founder Amer Zeitoun and the chefs at Maki.

The Maki Avenues Salad pertains to Maki’s location at the Avenues Mall in Kuwait. Crabsticks, prawn tempura, greens, avocado, crispy filo and black tobiko with Maki’s special sweet and spicy sauce, this salad quickly became a Maki guest favourite across all markets. Maki Marina Salad boasts a generous dose of rocket leaves, crabsticks, sesame and tobiko, lollo rosso, with a house-made special balsamic vinegar mixture, and is named after Maki’s Marina crescent location in Kuwait which overlooks the beautiful Kuwait City Skyline and the Gulf. The ‘literally’ tiny swimming fish at the base of the dish in which this delectable salad is presented are for show only!

Several other namesake and original salads ‘star’ on the Maki menu, and are all very much appreciated by the ‘more than satisfied’ Maki fans all over. Your taste buds will thank you for these and many more delicious ‘cool’ salads this summer. All you need to do is book your table at Maki by calling +973 175 22733, or by visiting the website at www.olivermaki.com