New Resolves with New Dishes

by BTM

Tue, 04 December 2018

What are your New Year’s resolutions? No matter what your answer, Maki restaurant’s latest menu additions are perfect to help you celebrate them!

How about a new Maki roll which boasts golden prawn tempura, pomegranate, shredded spinach, diced fresh avocado, chili pepper threads, all drizzled with a tangy goma (sesame-base) dressing, and wrapped with Maki’s exclusive, house-made olive wrap? If this deliciously nutritious maki roll does not tickle your fancy, then the warm, fluffy Gyoza (dumpling) Quinoa, which is slow-steamed to perfection, might take care of your winter cravings. This is a true vegan dish that is bound to please any carnivore.

Maki’s name has been synonymous with innovation for the past decade, thus earning it a place in every true gourmand’s heart, and winning several accolades including best newcomer and best Japanese restaurant.

“Throughout the years, we have strived to involve ourselves in food-pairing and nutritional research in order to bring to our beloved fans inventive dishes that are not only visually and flavourfully exciting, but also nutritious and healthful,” explains Amer Zeitoun, Maki co-founder and managing partner. “We have successfully incorporated exotic and healthy ingredients such as lentil (Du Puy) caviar, red quinoa, red rice, black rice, kale and, of course, extra virgin olive oil, to name a few.”

Other exciting New Year dishes include Whole Wheat Yaki Udon, Akami (tuna) Oliva Maki and Yuzu Cream Brulee, which is a delectable dessert. Upon breaking the brittle, caramelised upper crust, you delve into this lovely dish which features yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) flavours. You now have yourself a light, tasty after-dinner treat.

Celebrate and discuss your New Year’s resolutions with your loved-ones over a healthy, delightful meal at Maki.

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