Exciting Innovations | Maki

by BTM

Tue, 03 April 2018

Exciting Innovations | Maki

Maki, the contemporary Japanese restaurant, constantly amazes with its exhilarating and inspired dishes.

Ever had a maki roll made with an olive wrap? If your answer is “never”, then a trip to Maki is a must. It’s dishes like these that make dinner at Maki an exciting proposition every time. 

“After several months of gruelling trials and research, we were able to finally produce two new maki wraps, which I am sure will elate our beloved guests’ palates,” says Maki group executive chef, Louis Kenji Huang.

Elevating a maki roll’s taste several notches is the new Oh-toro Oliva Maki. Wrapped in a house-made olive wrap with zaatar flakes, and topped with the ‘prized’ belly of bluefin tuna, it combines exotic ingredients including black truffle pearls, baby orange, exotic cress, olive oil capsules and crabsticks. 

“Listening to our guest comments and reviews, we constantly receive praise for the imaginative wraps which we have used in our dishes over the years,” says group operations manager Toufic Salloom. “From the soya wrap, to the spinach wrap, fresh plum wrap and several others, it was very pleasing to our fans to have us come up with an olive wrap and a tomato wrap.”

Made with the new tomato wrap, diners can now savour the Oliver Scallop Maki, with Hokkaido scallop, wild thyme, black truffle, chives, pickled cucumber, kumquat, crab meat, avocado, tobiko, rocket and shitake mushrooms. 

Another new item, made the ‘Maki way’, is Crocante Akami (tuna). Presented on perfectly cooked rice – crispy on the outside, it comprises tasty ingredients such as bluefin tuna, nori (seaweed wrap) and yuzu flakes, spring onion, tobiko (flying fish caviar), with special olive, sesame, teriyaki and chilli oil mixtures. Enjoy these new dishes at Maki Bahrain.

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