Truly Engaging

by BTM

Mon, 25 March 2019

bahrain maki restaurant

The mark of a successful business lies in how interactive it is with its clientele, just like everyone’s favourite Japanese restaurant, Maki.

Maki, the fine Japanese restaurant located in the West Tower of the Bahrain World Trade Centre, is a regular haunt of aficionados of authentic Japanese cuisine. Through the years of wowing guests with scrumptious Oriental tastes, the establishment has celebrated its regular patrons and fans by naming maki rolls after them. A guest simply has to be a consistent customer, show an interest in food in general, and contemporary cuisine in particular, and be cognisant of the flavours that their palate really desires.
If you fit the bill, the expert chefs will speak to you about your preferences and prepare a roll containing all the ingredients you like, provided that they pair well together. Your namesake dish could then be a part of the restaurant’s extensive repertoire and be available to you, your family, and your friends when dining at the venue. If your choice of ingredients and flavour combination becomes a hit with diners, the dish could even go on to the official menu. This is the restaurant’s way of making regular visitors feel acknowledged and appreciated, and of course, very happy.

International Women’s Day comes around once a year, but is celebrated at the venue every day, what with many of the namesake dishes celebrating accomplished women. Take Suha Maki for example. It is a simple roll which consists of salmon, crabsticks, avocado, and yuzu flakes, served with sweet and spicy sauce, and topped with the outlet’s famous filo shrimp tempura chops. Wrapped with house-made plum sheets, this is surely one to savour. For some unique pizazz, try the Sandi Maki, which comprises filo prawn tempura, crabsticks, avocado, rocket, and chopped salmon with spring onion, mixed with sesame, togarashi spices, soya salt and the special extra virgin olive oil mixture. Last but not the least, and one which definitely deserves a mention is the Nancy Maki. This creation boasts two kinds of fish: salmon and white fish, combined with prawn tempura, cucumber, rocket, avocado, thyme, togarashi spices, soya salt, Pari Pari sauce and extra virgin olive oil.

In its own special way, this discerning dining spot has honoured women from all walks of life who have influenced their communities – from entrepreneurs, to media personalities, nutritionists, artists, and many others from diverse professions. To mark International Women’s Day, which was observed the world over in March, the outlet treated all female diners to a signature complimentary beverage as a ‘thank you’ gesture for all they do for their families and society.

Thanks to its delectable food and impeccable service standards, the restaurant is almost fully booked every day. Prior reservation is highly recommended if you want to relish superlative Japanese fare at Maki.

Call 17 522-733 or 36 999-102