Maki’s Celebrity Creation

by BTM

Wed, 07 February 2024

Maki’s Celebrity Creation

In the heart of Bahrain, Maki Restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary innovation, blending Japanese tradition with Mediterranean flair. This renowned establishment has recently unveiled a new dish named after Miss Universe Bahrain 2023, Lujane Yacoub. The ‘Lujane Maki’ epitomises the restaurant’s commitment to crafting exquisite dishes that tantalise the taste buds and celebrate individual tastes.

Founded in 2002 by brothers Oliver and Amer Zeitoun, Maki’s journey began with a modest 38-seat establishment, where patrons eagerly lined up for a taste of its innovative cuisine. Oliver’s passion for Japanese cuisine, combined with Amer’s agricultural expertise, laid the foundation for a culinary revolution. With a focus on fresh, high-quality ingredients and a dedication to pushing boundaries, Maki has earned accolades and international acclaim. Today, Maki boasts five multiple award-winning restaurants across the region, including locations in Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar.

“Maki has been creating a lot of name-sake dishes ever since its inception,” Amer explains. “These dishes are usually created by the ownership as a tribute to celebrities and our loyal customers. We usually create a dish as per the likings of the diner and if they end up loving it, we launch it on the menu.”

With the Lujane Maki, the restaurant continues this tradition, showcasing its dedication to culinary excellence.

Miss Yacoub, thrilled by the prospect of collaborating with Maki, shared her excitement about the creation process when she visited the outlet at Moda Mall: “I was approached by Maki to visit and I was really excited as I’ve always been meaning to go,” she explains. “They proposed the idea of a dish under my name and I was really excited about the concept. I’d be going to Maki to experience the food as well as be a part of brainstorming process of creating a new item for the menu!

“I got to know the craftsmanship that goes into every meal they make, and for the creation of this new dish they asked me about the foods and flavours that I like. The brothers also asked what I liked from the meal I had, which included the crispy salad, their own mix of crispy harasume, yuzu flakes and much more. Hoping I gave them enough to work with, 30 minutes later they came out with an amazing platter filled with beautiful, green maki. 

“The presentation was gorgeous, I absolutely loved it. It was an exquisite blend of the simple flavours I loved and of course, that salad that I was really fond of was mixed in there! I’m so excited for it to be on the menu and it’s such an honour for the chefs to put so much time and creativity into this dish. What I love about Maki is how authentic its Japanese cuisine is, while at the same time incorporating their own artful twist into the menu.”