Marriott Executive Apartments: A Marvellous Meeting Point

by BTM

Tue, 28 January 2020

marriott executive apartments bahrain

Marriott Executive Apartments is delighted to announce the upcoming opening of Crossroads, an ideal dining spot for discerning guests.

Crossroads, at the Marriott Executive Apartments, is a rendezvous for friends, family and co-workers to meet and enjoy delicious hearty meals in a bright, cosy and modern ambience.

The outlet is not just a convivial meeting spot, but also a melting pot of different flavours and cuisines from all over the world, evident in its extensive menu. It is a unique take on flavours which are a harmonious combination of influences from around the globe, that bear their own distinct identity.

At Crossroads, guests come in with the expectation of their moods and spirits being enlivened - an experience of a wonderful uplift in their routine. Breakfast at the venue will give a more refreshing start to the day, lunch will provide a well-deserved break to recharge for the working hours ahead, and dinner at the venue will make for a time to finally relax and indulge with officemates, friends or family.

Crossroads is also an ideal location to host your personal and professional get-togethers in a modern, chic atmosphere that provides delicious fare in a casual, urban setting. The venue’s simplistic approach will make guests feel at ease, and ready to dig in to some tasty comfort food, with dishes that are close to home in terms of familiarity, but have a unique contemporary twist.

The venue looks forward to delighting in-house and walk-in guests with food that is cooked with fresh, seasonal ingredients, as well as refreshing beverages and hearty snacks, all served by friendly, yet professional staff. The hotel takes pride in serving top-quality food and drinks presented in a fun, innovative manner, as well as its warm and welcoming service standards.

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