Melissa’s Emporium & Restaurant

by BTM

Sat, 29 December 2018

I can’t believe I have only found this gem now…good things are hard to find!

Located in Maqabah, here you will find a superb range of imported, fresh, South African beef cuts and steaks alongside traditional dishes such as the legendary “Mealie Pap” and others offered in an extensive menu – with everything accessible all day long. All the beef is also available fresh or frozen to cook at home as well.

Food at Melissa’s is different – in fact extraordinary, brilliant! If I had to recommend somewhere interesting to eat it would certainly be here. The owner, Ali, has a long relationship with South Africa and serves a range of traditional SA dishes that are mouthwateringly tantalising and delicious.

A visit to Melissa’s equals adventure. It is an Emporium in every sense of the word and on offer are all sorts of South African treats ranging from biltong, dry wors and chilli bites to Oumas rusks and all the small comforts you would expect to find in a Transvaal store that the old pioneers may have visited. The elements of Africa abound, and it is a great experience to walk around and look at what’s on offer while you wait for your meal.

Note – the coffee is all home grown, freshly roasted in-house in the large roaster right next to the kitchen and ground – it’s awesome! Don’t miss this Hidden Gem!

Open daily from 8pm-11.59pm.

Call 17 591-102.