Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

by BTM

Mon, 01 April 2019

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

The Bucho’s Street Food Park only opens at night – and Bill Grieve says it’s quite extraordinary.

During the day, one might drive past the venue in the back of Juffair towards the highway and think it could be a closed-off industrial site, fenced with wooden panels. But, when night falls, the whole area comes alive. Lights; action; food! And the food is really good.

This restaurant is an open-air concept quite unique in Bahrain, under shade and covered, spacious, well-lit and very basic, but brilliant. The floor is compacted earth and the rough furnishings are almost reminiscent of an old cowboy, outdoor barn dance environment, but you can be assured of a welcome surprise in the great range of exceptionally well presented, high-quality dishes and meals on offer.

This is a conservationist’s dream – all the outdoor furniture is made from old wooden pallets, neatly assembled into furniture, and the whole food court is graced with signs demonstrating ‘green’ intentions and slogans. There are a number of well sign-posted and easily accessible waste bins for self-clearing the tables and trays and the refuse is segregated for easy sorting and recycling. A range of recycled wooden table choices and a dirt floor mean the odd spilled drink or food messed is not a problem.

The meal selection is prepared by a well-rehearsed team who have a wide range of cooking utilities available in a neatly laid out camper van which is open sided, allowing visitors to observe their food being prepared and cooked either inside the camper or outside on a hot charcoal or wood-fire grill.

The smell of scintillating treats and meats wafts gently about and almost swirls around patrons hypnotising with incredible aromas that will have you looking around wanting more of the scents and smells that are electrifying your taste senses and making your mouth water in anticipation.

The staff at Bucho’s Street Food Park are friendly, fast and efficient and as the food flows it is a reminder of what good service, good food and good ambience is all about. 

This is a happy place, a fun place and a place of tasty food, in a relaxed environmentally responsible and friendly area that will enchant most discerning and planet-conscious visitors and demonstrates the simplicity of food preparation, albeit in the ambience of a desert tent or dune visit experience.

Bucho’s Street Food has other sites in Bahrain, at Saar and Riffa, and is generally open from 6pm to midnight.