New Flavours

by BTM

Sun, 03 February 2019

New Flavours

Block 338 is awash with restaurants new and old, licensed and not, but few outlets have managed to capture the imagination and gratification of their clientele as much as the recently opened Haus, in Adliya.

Designed and conceptualised by a husband and wife team made up by Ahmed Mahmood Fakroo and his wife Sara, who also own Raw in Saar, in its first two months of operation it has had a positively dramatic effect on the dining scene in the area.

The concept is simple; inspired by their culinary experiences in Marbella and beyond, its sobriquet relates to nothing German as such; instead referring to the wholesome goodness of home cooking and baking on the menu developed collaboratively by Sara and the executive chef in residence. 

The menu could be described as being a modern eclectic fusion of fresh flavours which strongly appeal to their prime target audience of ‘thirty-something Bahraini well-to-dos’. 

It may be still the honeymoon period of Haus, but the recipe for success seems to be efficient and viable already.  

  Call 17 592-020.