OPA Greek Restaurant

by BTM

Tue, 03 October 2017

OPA Greek Restaurant

This recently opened Greek kouzina, tucked away in Adliya, might just be the right venue to get you in the mood to smash some plates and jump with joy.

Exposed wooden beams and accents punctuate the whitewashed interiors of Attic, beckoning guests to a relaxed yet sophisticated dining experience. The overall ambience of the restaurant is understated, which helps you to loosen up and sink into the comfortable seats, providing the perfect setting for delicious Mediterranean fare, which is just what my dining companion and I were eagerly anticipating.

The menu, masterminded by none other than Greek culinary star Akis Petretzikis, is replete with gourmet staples and novel preparations such as moussaka and Beef Giouvetsi.

As soon as the hot and cold appetisers arrived, I knew we were in for the real deal – they were rich, flamboyant and hearty. What’s a Grecian meal without tzatziki and eggplant salad? Both these dishes were our delicious prelude to the authentic flavours of Attic.

While the Greek Meatballs are a signature starter, the Feta Cheese Pies are a surprising contradiction on the tongue, with the sharpness of the cheese, sweetness of the honey and the heat of the red chilli. Kadaifi Prawns were tender, parceled in crisp filo strings, served with strawberry dressing, and ringlets of fried calamari arrived with a smear of saffron sauce. The essence of toasted black sesame seeds waft out first from the Spicy Tuna Tartare, followed by the acidity of the balsamic vinegar. Roasted papadums and edible petals with Greek yogurt give the dish a fusion twist.

But the star of the table was most definitely the Flaming Cheese Saganaki. Melt-in-yourmouth cheese triangles enveloped in crunch were brought to the table, doused in Ouzo (aniseed flavoured aperitif) and set afire! The yellow-blue flames made the outside crispy and the inside heavenly.

The rocket salad proved that healthy doesn’t have to be less tasty. Rocket leaves paired with the mild Manouri cheese, watermelon, walnuts and aged balsamic reduction is beautiful on the palate.

After a brief breather, we were presented with the mains – an oval platter of Lamb Kleftiko. This rustic-looking, slow-braised shank of lamb was drenched in rich brown gravy and accompanied with the sweetness of capsicum, baby potatoes and Graviera cheese. The meat fell off the bone no sooner than our forks touched it.

Elsewhere on our table, a grilled tentacle of octopus sat pretty on concentric semicircles of fava bean puree. The freshness of parrot-green lemon oil and the delicately grainy texture of the fava elevated the taste of the meat many notches higher.

Bursting at the seams, I secretly resolved that I’d only nibble on dessert, to not let the previous evening’s yoga class go to waste. But alas, such things at Attic are beyond human control. When the Sweet Greek Platter was laid before us, all I could muster was a feeble sigh of surrender before I dug into the decadence.

The traditional Loukoumades – mini doughnuts in sticky honey-cinnamon syrup with walnuts and olive oil ice cream – was a pleasant first for me. The Galaktoboureko, a flaky shell filled with semolina custard and the Mastic Mille-feuille, took our senses by surprise. But, by far, the Greek Yogurt Cheesecake and the Chocolate Moelleux stole the show. The former was a light, low-calorie, protein-rich treat, apt for the health conscious, and the latter was a gorgeous chocolate fondant, done just right and oozing deliciousness.

All in all, Attic is everything that it promises to be – honest to goodness Hellenic grub that brings people together in true Grecian style.