Popular Street Food - The Shawarma

by Maheen Yasir

Wed, 30 October 2019

Who doesn’t love the shawarma the juicy pita wrap of succulent meat with condiments and sauces.

How its made?

Shawarma is made of meat marinated in  cumin ,paprika ,allspice, turmeric, garlic powder cinnamon , salt and black pepper, cut into thin slices, stacked in a cone-like shape, and roasted on a slowly-turning vertical rotisserie or spit.  A pioneer when it comes to the middle eastern street food.

Best Shawarma places in Bahrain.

Due to its diverse culture there are a lot of shawarma joints in Bahrain they rock the street scene here.

The Street Shawarma:

Located in west Riffa it’s a fairly new place and promise to serve a fusion of taste and a shawarma with a twist. The crispy pomegranate and the tandoori shawarmas are to die for they even offer variety of dipping sauces.


Sameeh Pastries

Sameeh has a distinct taste with their charcoal toasted succulent wraps in Saj bread. Sameeh is located in Gudaibiya, Riffa and Arad.


Burger Land  

Burger land covers almost all the areas from Riffa to Muharraq you can Google their location on the map. They add mint to their shawarmas which gives it a unique taste.

The Shawarma Alley.

The popular Block 338 Adliya also known as the Shawarma Alley. You can find dozens of stalls here which serve varieties of street food and shawarmas.


The simple yet tasty shawarma treat awaits you here the sauces are to die for .It is located in Jid Ali, Jidhaf and Muharraq.

Al Hantour

Located in Isa Town it’s a typical Turkish grill, the simple and succulent taste of shawarma has made it really popular.

AlMudheef restaurant and grills.

Offered in Lebanese  bread and khubz its one of my favourite go to dish when it comes to juicy tangy shawarma extra helping of pickles are always welcomed here.