Primavera Italian Restaurant | LEARN ITALIAN COOKING

by BTM

Wed, 28 February 2018

Primavera Italian Restaurant | LEARN ITALIAN COOKING


Gather for an intimate evening on March 24 with Michelin-starred chef Oliver Glowig and chef de cuisine Alfonso Ferraioli, the masterminds behind the award-winning Primavera Italian restaurant, from 3pm-7pm. Learn the master techniques of a seasoned chef as you prepare a four-course Italian meal in Primavera’s private kitchen.

After the fun session, end the night indulging in your own creations in true Italian spirit! The event is priced at BD45++ with special beverage pairings, or BD35++ with non-alcoholic pairings. The prep, cooking demonstration and a Ritz-Carlton apron signed by chef Oliver Glowig are included. Advance reservations are required.  

Call 17 586-499.