Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

by BTM

Tue, 30 October 2018

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!

Behnaz Sanjana was bowled over by some intriguing new dishes and some tried and tested favourites at Miam.

Miam, at Galleria Mall, Zinj, is an ideal cosy-chic place to catch up with old friends or go on that first (or millionth) date. There are brand new items in the kitchen’s repertoire that definitely warrant a visit.

The chilli-laced Mexican Prawn Soup that kicked-off the meal was right up my alley – reasonably fiery, tangy, and brimming with the winning flavour combination of tender prawns and bell peppers. The more benign French Onion Soup was more suited to my dining companion’s palate. He thoroughly enjoyed the Swiss cheese-laden toast afloat on this hearty broth. 

Salmon Cakes are new entrants among the appetisers. The patties, although fried golden, were light and easy on the appetite. A garnish of mango, dill and wafer-thin baby radish lent a wonderful freshness to the dish. The quinoa salad, that I’ve enjoyed before, tasted just as I remembered, brimming with an exotic Levantine appeal.
Also new is the Afghani Lamb in Rice that came to the table parceled in an elliptical puff of bread. The top was strewn with flaked almonds, and caramelised carrots, onions and black raisins. Housed within was one of the most fragrant pilafs ever, with big chunks of meat looking like they’d just been carved off the shank. 

Another recent addition to the main course offering is the Hamour and Rice with Walnut and Pomegranate Sauce. I’m admittedly picky with my fish, but this dish was an absolute winner, and the highlight of my meal. The fillets were bursting with a unique flavour combination, their mildly charred edges retaining the tanginess of the lemon they were cooked with. The accompanying sauce was almost like molasses, stringing between the tines of my fork and bursting with sweet-sour-earthy tastes. The dill rice was so good, I could eat it just by itself. If there was only one reason I could give you to go to Miam, this would be it.

Suitably stuffed, we turned to sweet treats. Our heart was set on the very Instagram-able Fruit Burger, but how could we turn down the earnest suggestion of the steward to try two dessert debutantes? 

The Fruit Burger was all about sandwiched berries, fruit and generous layers of fluffy cream – what’s not to like! The Pistachio Cake was a delightful creation of silken white cream and nutty green layers, with droplets of red currant sauce. One bite of the Saffron Cheesecake made my eyes go wide. A biscuity base was the podium for a light, creamy top layer, replete with the distinct taste and heavenly aroma of saffron. Just divine!
Miam has something for everyone. For a quick, tasty afternoon bite on a working day, the business lunch, comprising soup, salad and main course, is just right, priced at just BD2.900. The rotating menu offers a good choice – on the day we visited, the menu included Cream of Chicken Soup, Grilled Calamari Salad (with succulent baby octopus and olives in the mix) and Hot Peri Peri Chicken (with a tasty peppery brown sauce). 
Happy dining!