The Rasoi By Vineet Experience

by BTM

Wed, 09 August 2023

The Rasoi By Vineet Experience

With a special focus on India in the month’s edition, we were thrilled to review one of the very finest Indian restaurants in the Kingdom, Rasoi by Vineet. Located at Gulf Hotel Bahrain, this spectacular restaurant is operated by none other than the Michelin star Chef Vineet Bhatia. Simply put – this was a culinary experience.

If you’ve been an avid reader of Bahrain This Month, chances are you’ve read my reviews on my dining experiences before. I’ve often mentioned that Bahrain has no dearth of phenomenal restaurants covering a wide range of cuisines, and that they persevere to provide residents and visitors with a unique dining experience. Experience. There’s that word again. It begs the question: What criteria would a restaurant have to meet to define your visit as a dining experience? 

The dining area of Rasoi by Vineet is a world of its own. The warm, palatial interiors are embellished with stunning gold accents, beautiful chandeliers and unique motifs throughout. The fact that diners can watch the culinary team perfect their creations makes dining here even more exciting. 

To begin our dinner, we were served crisp papad with an assortment of chutneys: beetroot, mint and mango. We happily whet our appetite before being presented with a delicious vegetable tiki on a bed of sweet corn and green pea salad. It was crisp, warm and had delicate flavours – just the perfect appetiser. 

One of the staples of Indian cuisine is chaat, which for some, brings on waves of nostalgia. Personally, chat is reminiscent of being on summer holiday in Mumbai, devouring a plate of Dahi Sev Puri with my cousins on a rainy day as my mum and aunt chatted away. So the idea of a fine dining version of chaat was exciting. What new memories would I soon associate with it? 

We were served two chats with Rasoi’s unique take: Gulab Puri Chaat and Samosa Ragda Chaat. Made with beetroot, the Gulab Puri Chaat had a beautiful ruby red shade to it and brilliantly combined the flavours of beetroot, crisp sev, cool yogurt and fresh pomegranate. The Samosa Ragda Chaat on the other hand was practically addictive and plays on all the strengths of chat. Warm cheese samosas are rested on a bed of perfectly spiced chick peas, topped with sev and generously drizzled with sweet and spicy chutneys, and yogurt. It had a medley of flavours – spicy, sweet, salty and tart – while the melted cheese was near comforting. 

As part of our starters we were served a classic Punjabi Chicken Tikka with North Indian spices. Grilled to perfection, these tikkas were astonishingly juicy and had clearly been marinated for hours for an even flavour throughout. This was followed by the delicious Mustard Paneer Steak, made with the renowned Indian cottage cheese. The firm, yet creamy cheese went very well with the cherry tomato and sesame chutney. 

This was followed by Charcoal Smoked Honey-Mustard Salmon which was very creatively plated with a side of edamame mouli (raddish) and a dollop of cucumber raita. The salmon is smoked in-house and complements the cool raita and crisp radish spirals. 

Through their main courses, we got to enjoy the team’s expertise when it comes to melding world-renowned Indian spices and ingredients. Rasoi by Vineet’s range of stews and gravies are best enjoyed in the company of your loved ones so you may tuck into a variety of dishes, mixing and matching them with fresh naan or delicious biriyanis

What an absolute spread was presented to us - Spinach Saag with Cashew Crusted Paneer Koftas, Kashmiri Lamb Shank Rogan Josh, Dal Maharani- Black Lentil Stew, Butter Chicken, a vegetarian Dum biriyani and hot naan. The lamb shank was fall-off-the-bone tender and absolutely divine with its rich gravy. The Paneer Kofta and Dal Makhani are a great demonstration of Indian cuisines ability to create mouth-watering vegetarian dishes. Both possessed layers of flavours to satisfy the most discerning of palates. Finally, the Butter Chicken had everything you would hope to expect of this classic – it was creamy with tender pieces of chicken and a hint of sweetness.

In a final demonstration of their creative flair, the culinary team presented us with two delectable desserts: a Gulab Jamun Terrine with Kulfi, and a Rose Rabdi Cake with Rose Jalebi. These were both a treat for the eyes and our tastebuds. The colours and the finer details were mesmerising and further elevated by just the perfect amount of sweetness. The cool Gulab Jamun terrine was a unique take on a classic and one that we could get used to. The Rose Rabdi Cake was definitely something special, and a clear favourite for the table. The flavour was distinct while the thick full-bodied Rabdi made it hard to resist another bite. A layer of cream, delicious jalebis and sprinkling of pistachios has earned this dessert a reputation for being absolutely sensational.

This review would be amiss if I didn’t mention the warm hospitality of restaurant manager  Mr Srinivas and his team. We were well taken care of throughout our dinner and were presented with meticulously crafted mocktails made by their talented mixologist. We sipped and savoured a Ginger Coriander Lemonade, Rose Mojito and a unique Peru drink which even had the punch of red chilli and spices. Each was presented with finesse and adorned with cucumber ribbons, dehydrated fruit or fresh sprigs of mint leaves.  

By the end of dinner we had a new found appreciation for Indian fine dining. You enjoy impeccable service in a beautiful environment with calming music in the background, all while appreciating the depth and layers of textures, flavour profiles, temperatures and respectfully playful use of ingredients. Rasoi by Vineet does not give you just another meal but rather a carefully curated dining experience… one that rightfully deserves the credit of being labelled an experience.

I am truly honoured to have Rasoi in Bahrain, for this opportunity to showcase the rich culinary heritage of India in such a welcoming and cosmopolitan environment.

The warm hospitality and appreciation for flavours here have truly inspired me to push the boundaries of Indian cuisine. I am excited to share my passion with the people of Bahrain and with my team will endeavour to create memorable dining experiences.”

Vineet Bhatia MBE,
Chef Patron, Rasoi by Vineet