Transcending Borders | Miam Bakery-Café & Restaurant

by BTM

Fri, 02 March 2018

Transcending Borders | Miam Bakery-Café & Restaurant

There’s a fresh new eatery that speaks a language of gastronomic tradition with a modern, international accent.

The name ‘Miam’ translates to ‘yummy’ in French, and that’s just the type of food that diners savour at Miam Bakery-Café & Restaurant, located in Galleria Mall, Zinj. This chic eatery aims to offer a new concept for well-travelled connoisseurs of fine fare, who value and appreciate timeless elegance and authentic flavours, a notion conveyed by a beautiful world map hanging on a prominent wall of the venue.

The idea behind the restaurant’s concept is symbolised by its mascot, the robin, a bird that doesn’t really belong to any particular land, and is known for easily adapting to its environment. Likewise, the food at Miam is not confined within territorial borders. A spokesperson for the restaurant says: “Miam does not have a nationality; the food here is a mix of favourites from across the globe. The idea is to bring to our guests the best-loved dishes of the world, and to even be challenged at how well we make it! Ultimately, what brings people together here is the fantastic quality of food.”


The restaurant has a classic touch of an Ernest Hemingway era that’s romanticised in today’s age, but least so in a gimmicky way. It has been lovingly conceptualised and brought to the public after ensuring that everything – the food, the furnishings, the warm and friendly service and the intangible vibe that it exudes – ties together perfectly. With its Neo-classic décor, heavenly aromas floating in from the bakery and simple, delicious food, it provides clientele with a homely feeling, a far cry from the usual stiffness of fine dining.
The restaurant is abuzz with patrons right from breakfast in the early mornings to dinner in the evenings. Some diners are known to get so comfortable in the cosy space that they walk in for a hearty breakfast, sit through a leisurely lunch and leave only after an invigorating afternoon tea. Seventy per cent of first-time patrons have become regular customers, and herein lies the real reward for the establishment.

The outlet endeavours to stage various themes and food festivals on a regular basis, to keep things new and exciting for patrons’ palates. “Besides what is already on the menu, we will have new surprises every week and offer daily specials outside of the menu, as we want to tap into many other regional delicacies to satisfy the curious tastes of our customers,” says the restaurant spokesperson.


At Miam, one can savour a quiet meal within the calming interiors, or relish a brilliantly blended, aromatic coffee al fresco, enjoying the urban bustle of the adjoining highway. An extensive range of gourmet dishes awaits, showcasing handpicked ingredients of supreme quality. Everything, from the breads to the pastas and dressings, are freshly made in-house. Old recipes are spruced up with a tinge of contemporary craft to bring out the best in them, offering the noticeable taste of longstanding tradition all the while.
Breakfast includes continental, Bahraini, Mexican and Mediterranean comfort food, to start the day right. The appetisers for lunch and dinner comprise tried-and-tested treats like mac and cheese, salmon cakes and Arayes, as well as novel dishes like the Avocado Prawns Tower. The soups and salads will have you tucking in guilt-free, for their wholesome ingredients –  the colourful quinoa salad is one not to be missed. You are sure to be bowled over with the sheer variety of main courses, seafood and rice specialities, steaks, sandwiches, burgers as well as pastas and pizzas.
The full-fledged bakery offers some of the best baked goods in town. The ovens here dole out 30 varieties of breads every day, including charcoal, quinoa, semolina, saffron onion, gluten-free and other unique assortments. Also available are scones, muffins, zattar focaccia and the likes.


Dishes like Miam’s fruit burger have garnered attention for their innovation and creativity. The seasonal fruit-, berry-, and cream-filled creation has made quite a statement, being healthy, yet sinfully tasty. The multi-textured offering is so versatile that it can be enjoyed at any time of day – for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The venue’s first floor resembles a quaint scene right out of a picture book. The glass-walled space is punctuated with artistic wrought iron furniture, cheerful plants and rustic terracotta tiles. With a window looking into the state-of-the-art bakery, it is equipped to host children’s parties, where kids can have fun making their own cupcakes and other easy treats. 

Miam seeks to be an active part of the melting pot that is Bahrain. It believes in the significance of giving back to the community that embraces people from various walks of life, so that nobody feels like a foreigner – a sentiment that is deep-seated in philosophy of the restaurant. It looks forward to planning many a charity event in the future, to do good for the society that has given it such recognition and adulation.

With original flavours that customers keep coming back for, an endearing ambience and a service with a smile, this restaurant is set to join the list of culinary gems in Bahrain.

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