Uptown Glam - Show Shha

by BTM

Sun, 29 July 2018

Uptown Glam - Show Shha

Giving a new spin to regular fare from the subcontinent, Show Shha has quickly become the buzz word in Indian dining.

Show Shha is the hip new eatery in town that’s taking diners’ taste buds by storm. Nestled in the heart of Juffair, this eatery serves glamourised North-Indian street food and staples, with their classic flair intact. The newly opened restaurant exudes a funky, contemporary vibe. The interiors are a riot of colour – kitchen essentials, mandala designs and tongue-in-cheek colloquialisms adorn the walls.

The ‘chaat’ cart is the venue’s centrepiece, greeting patrons as they enter. The very idea of sweet-sour-piquant roadside delicacies from the northern regions of India whets the appetite. 

The food menu is extensive, with an impressive repertoire of starters; lamb, chicken, seafood and vegetarian main courses; assorted flat breads; rice preparations and desserts. Amongst the long list are firm favourites that guests keep returning for. The tandoori mixed grill platter is an obvious crowd-pleaser and the succulence of the chicken tikka, murg malai, lamb seekh kabab and seafood is an ideal way to start your meal. Pataka Prawns, literally translating to firecracker prawns, is another dish that is much loved. Chicken makhani is a luscious tomato-based gravy that coats boneless morsels of the meat, with cream and butter giving it just the right amount of richness. The chicken or mutton Dum Biryani leaves diners wanting more, while the Sarson ka Saag and Missi Roti take you straight to the fields of Punjab. There’s also enough choice for those who like mildly spiced food. A range of unique mocktails – Ginger and Lime Crush, and the quintessentially Indian Aam Panna – perfectly complement the cuisine.

Show Shha is open from noon to midnight on weekdays and up to 1am on Thursday and Friday.

Call 13 114-556 or 33 063-074.