Vegans Rejoice

by BTM

Wed, 03 January 2018

Vegans Rejoice

Enjoy mind-blowing dishes as this popular restaurant adds delectable new options to its already sensational menu.

Maki is renowned for producing some of the best contemporary Japanese cuisine on the island. With its latest menu additions, boasting innovative dishes such as Tartufo Freekeh, Vegan Crispy Salad, Edamame Yuzu Ponzu and Spinach Pomegranate Salad, you are bound to come back for more. Whether you’re a vegan, or not, get your palates ready to enjoy these new creations that are just as healthy as the existing ones on the menu.

Founded in Kuwait, in the early 2000s, Maki quickly became a restaurant-goer’s dream choice for its varied and imaginative dishes, including Yara Maki, Fusion Temaki and Filo Shrimp Tempura.

“In our efforts to cater to different segments of the market, we have recently added some new vegan-inspired dishes which we guarantee will be loved by non-vegan eaters,” says Amer Zeitoun, co-founder and nutrition expert.

A must-try is the Vegan Crispy Salad, a combination of fresh rocket leaves, assorted lettuce, carrots, pink pepper, rice pearl, avocado, crispy harusame, sweet potato, cassava, beetroot and exotic cress, with Maki’s special sauce. The Tartufo Freekeh exemplifies Maki’s notion of contemporary Japanese- Mediterranean cuisine. Accompanied with Himeji and shitake mushrooms, truffles, shiso cress, saffron aioli sauce and black truffle oil, this traditional Middle Eastern ingredient has surely taken many diners back in time to their mothers’ comfort food. Drizzled with a peanutsesame dressing, the Spinach Pomegranate Salad has quickly become a guest favourite.

Expect more new dishes in the New Year that are destined to make you return to this culinary haven. Call 17 522-733, 36 999-102 or email [email protected]

Vegans Rejoice!